Sim Racing Cockpit Reviews

Race Sim Cockpit Reviews

Here is a list of all of the best Race Sim Cockpits that I have researched and reviewed. These reviews are available to help you make an informed decision to choose the right sim cockpit to suit your needs and budget.

Ricmotech Race Sim Cockpit Review

Ricmotech APX 2000

Good: Modular design, add the features that you need.  Works with many brands of sim racing gear.

Not So Good:  Quite expensive when you consider addons that you may need

Overall Take: A well designed, modular cockpit that can accomodate all kinds of sim gear and looks good.

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Ricmotech RS1 DIY Cockpit

Ricmotech RS1 DIY Cockpit

Good: Well organized and detailed CAD drawings to create your own single or multi-monitor rig.   Cheap to make using MDF timber.

Not So Good: Depending on woodworking experience it may be a challenge or time consuming putting the rig together.

Overall Take: Well designed, good looking rig easily customizable depending on woodworking experience.

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Next Level Racing F-GT

Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit At A Glance

Good: Caters for both GT and Open wheel racing positions. Sturdy with no noticeable flex.

Not So Good: Be careful not to overtighten screws as you can strip the threads

Overall Take: Sturdy, caters for both GT and open wheel positions an excellent cockpit for its price point

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