Sim Pedal Reviews

Race Sim Pedals Reviews

Here is a list of all of the best Race Sim Pedals that I have researched and reviewed. These reviews are available to help you make an informed decision to choose the right sim pedals to suit your needs and budget.

Fanatec Clubsport V3 Sim Racing Pedals

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals

Thrustmaster VG T3PA Pedals


Fanatec Clubsport V3 Race Sim Pedals

Good: Good looking design, easily adjustable load sensor for the brake.  Comes with extra pedal plates.

Not So Good: Pedals are a little pricey, vibration motors on the accelerator and brake are gimmicky.

Overall Take: Good quality pedals, extra pedal plates a bonus, lots of adjustabilities.  Vibration motors are just silly.

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Thrustmaster T3pA

Good:  Good quality for the price, sturdy and all-metal construction.

Not So Good: Pots can be a little unreliable.

Overall Take: Sturdy construction makes these a good budget upgrade from the packaged wheel and pedal sets.

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Thrustmaster VG T3PA Pro Pedals

Good: Pedals are adjustable for floor position or inverted, all-metal construction.

Not So Good: Baseplate has some sharp edges, pots can be unreliable.

Overall Take: Good upgrade over base pedals, adjustability make these a good budget buy

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Thrustmaster T-Lcm Pedals At A Glance

Good: Great price, Solid metal construction, Good loadcell

Not So Good: Needs more movement in the throttle, needs stronger brake springs, more feedback in the clutch

Overall Take: The Thrustmaster T-Lcm Pedals are a quality option for the budget-conscious racer, they are solidly built and will make for a good upgrade over non-load-cell pedals.

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