Wheel and Pedal Bundles

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  1. Did you run iracing graphic config before going back into iracing????????

    • Hi,

      I didn’t run the iRacing graphic config again. I normally only run the config if I’m running into graphic slow down issues.

  2. Ralf Wilhelm Blees October 4, 2019 @ 4:16 am

    I like the distance calculation and I would like to suggest an optional schematics – where the side monitors will be mounted with overlapping the middle monitor bezels … in iRacing that works very easy – you have 2 values – 1 without bezel and 1 with …
    in overlapping you add only 1 bezel to the value without.

  3. Where is the side monitor angle measured in reference to the centre monitor?

  4. Hi:

    I am looking to get into iRacing. I have a PC circa 2013 with a 2 core intel processor and an Intel HD graphics card. Windows 10 O/S and plenty of storage.

    Knowing that I couldn’t do triple screen or anything super high end, but rather just try the game out, can I get a decent game experience with that setup or am I wasting my time if I don’t at least get into the budget end of your recommendations?

  5. Thank you for your insightful article. I’m looking to get into iRacing but the only PC I have on hand is a circa-2013 Dell with a 2 core Intel processor and an Intel HD Graphic Card, 4GB RAM

    If I am just running single screen at 60 fps, can I get on that PC by while trying out iRacing, or should I just bite the bullet and go with a budget model described in your post?

    • My gut feel is the Intel Graphics wouldn’t be able to handle it even though iRacing isn’t overly hard on requirements. If your into any sort of gaming a good budget PC would be the way to go. You could always give it a try and see how iRacing goes on your old hardware and see if you like it first.

  6. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I really appreciate it! Quick question, with these settings: When I alt-tab to make sure my OBS is recording, my triple screen setup goes to a single one and can’t get it back without quitting iRacing. Any ideas on how or why this is happening?

    • It happens to me as well but normally it goes into window mode and stretches across the three screens. ALT + Enter should bring it back to full screen.

  7. I want to get the skytech 2 or Shadow 2 but I’m afraid it won’t run iRacing as I would like it to. I don’t mind sacrificing some gameplay settings to race but I don’t want to race on an empty field with a white wall around me either. For a budget iRacer….are they worth it? Silly question, but I need some reassurance before I make a purchase.

    • I feel the skytech 2 would be a good choice. To give you an idea I have a gtx 980 in my rig and can run triple 1080p screens. The 1660 in the skytech is very comparable to a 980.

  8. Only half useful, glad you say horizontal width at least, the amount of people who seem to think you measure diagonally is worrying. But I have my monitors at 60 degrees, not 45, the built in iRacing calc allows you to use your own angles.

  9. got a suggestion for measuring triples set up as single screen: rather than having to physically line them up, use (3xMonitorScreenWidth)+(4xBevelWidth) for measurement without bezels,+(6xBevelWidth) for with bezels. Assumes all monitors same size.

  10. You’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice to not mention the awesome SHH Shifters, which are not only better than most others, but also affordably priced.

    Check them out: https://www.shiftershh.com/en/

  11. Hi. Can you help me out. I would like to purchase a Nascar? racing game (the one Dale Earnhart and Denny Hamlin use in sim racing on TV). How do I go about doing that? I’d rather buy from a store than download it. Thanks in advance. I’ll now check out the Skytech Blaze !! at Amazon.

    • The game that they use is iRacing. You can’t buy it from a physical store. You need to either purchase it through steam and download it or go to iRacing.com to sign up and download it. Unlike other games, it’s done by subscription.

  12. Hi,
    I am looking at the Predator Orion 3000 i7-9700/16GB/1TB SSD Desktop for iRacing. Would this setup work?
    Greatly appreciate any help.

  13. Hello there. Looking to start up iracing. Was looking at some alien ware pc. Would any of thes models run good with iracing

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