iRacing 101: League Racing

Welcome to iRacing 101, where each week, we’ll go through some of the features that make iRacing the World’s Premier Motorsport Simulation—from highlighting our features to some of the top series and forms of racing you’ll encounter when you get behind the wheel.

This week’s topic: What is League racing, and how does it differ from Official or Hosted racing?

On iRacing, Official racing sessions are those set up by our team to give you realistic sanctioned championships that allow you to race at regular intervals against anyone in the world. Hosted racing sessions, on the other hand, are one-off sessions built by iRacers to their personal taste in car, track, car setup, and weather combinations.

League racing takes the latter one step further by allowing iRacers to create their own communities. These communities typically feature regular series of custom events. In a League, the customization options build upon those in a normal Hosted session by extending to the point systems in use.

Joining a League

iRacing has thousands of active leagues for you to choose from. In the iRacing UI, click “Leagues” and “Find a League.” You can search by all sorts of parameters, from types of racing and cars in use to how many people are involved and if your friends are already racing there. Some Leagues may be closed to new members, but more often than not, once you see a league that you like, you can apply to that league with the click of a button. You can also visit the iRacing Forums to see if any leagues that are recruiting are to your taste.

Starting a League

Want to do it all yourself? No problem! Click the “Start a League” button, give it a name, write a description, and share a URL if you’ve got one. Creating a new League costs $10.00. From there, you can add details like League rules, create your first season, and much more.

What can I do with my iRacing League?

Anything you want! The differences between iRacing Leagues can be vast. Some are modeled after top real-world series, while others are designed to look nothing like anything you’ve ever seen in real life. The only limits are your imagination and your personal taste.

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