iRacing 101: New Street Stocks

Welcome to iRacing 101, where each week, we’ll go through some of the features that make iRacing the World’s Premier Motorsport Simulation. From highlighting our features to some of the top series and forms of racing you’ll encounter when you get behind the wheel.

This week’s topic: How does iRacing’s new Street Stock package work?

The Street Stock has long been one of iRacing’s most important Rookie level cars. For Oval racers, this is one of your first steps on the ladder as you work your way up to our fastest NASCAR machines and biggest tracks.

For more than a decade, our Street Stock fields featured a single vehicle, but with the release of 2024 Season 3, we’ve added two new body styles to the mix to create more visual variation and make our fields look more realistic. These latest additions are Casino M2 and Eagle T3, based on body styles commonly seen in modern Street Stock racing across America.

How do the new Street Stocks differ from the original Street Stock?

The Casino M2 and Eagle T3 are built upon the same physics model as the original Street Stock, now renamed the Panther C1, making them equal in performance. You can continue to use all setups for the original Street Stock with the new cars.

The biggest difference is that the Casino and Eagle are paid content, while the Panther remains included with your iRacing subscription. However, iRacers who choose to buy the new Street Stocks receive both cars in the purchase as a 2-for-1 deal.

Where do my setups, paint schemes, and other files go for each car?

In your setups, paint, and other folders within DocumentsiRacing, Panther C1 files will still be placed in the folder named streetstock. To add files for the Casino M2, look for the folder named streetstock streetstock2. To add files for the Eagle T3, look for the folder named streetstock streetstock3.

If I don’t want to buy the new Street Stocks, will I be unable to race in any iRacing Street Stock series?

No! The additional Street Stock body options do not limit any iRacer’s ability to run the existing Street Stock series. The Panther remains free to all iRacers and available for selection in these series. If you choose not to buy the Eagle and Casino, it will not affect your participation in any Street Stock series. You may just see your opponents running different body styles.

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