Steven Wilson scores ‘wild’ eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series win over Minter and Honeycutt at Dover

For the second time this eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series season, M80’s Steven Wilson found himself celebrating a victory on Tuesday night. Two weeks removed from heartbreak in England, losing out just barely to Joe Gibbs Racing’s Bobby Zalenski at Brands Hatch, Wilson bounced back to win a thriller at Dover Motor Speedway.

On the final restart of eNASCAR Overtime, William Byron eSports’ Tucker Minter led the field back to the green. Wilson, on the outside, stayed with Minter through the first two corners, colliding as they traversed the backstretch. JR Motorsports’ Kaden Honeycutt made it three-wide entering Turn 3, but Wilson was able to get the best exit, clearing both drivers before taking the white flag.

“That was pretty damn wild, I’d say,” Wilson said post-race. “On the restart, it looked like I just timed it pretty OK. I didn’t want to beat (Minter) to the line because we were on the outside, and with more banking on old tires… they were spinning a lot. I lifted to try not to beat him to the line, and just made it even. The last time I did that, on that first restart, he was able to clear me before (turn) 2, and it looked like he was trying to do that again. A win in this series means everything for the playoffs, so I don’t blame him for that. It was just wild. I thought Kaden (Honeycutt) had it into (turn) 3 there, but he drove it in really deep, and we were just able to come out of Turn 4 clear on the next lap.”

Wilson claims his seventh eNASCAR victory in 60 career starts, and he becomes the first multi-time winner of the 2024 season. His victory boosts him into the overall points lead by 14 points over William Byron eSports’ Nick Ottinger, and ties him for the Segment 2 lead with Zalenski at 76 points.


Of the four drivers that led laps on Tuesday night, Wilson led the least of them. The 2023 series champion started second, alongside his setup alliance teammate, Williams Esports’ Donovan Strauss. Wilson was able to get the early jump on Strauss to contest for the top spot, leading the opening three laps. For the next 34 laps, however, Strauss regained control and pulled away. Tire wear and strategy would play a crucial role in the outcome of the event. This became clear as Wilson and Minter closed right in on the #51’s back bumper about halfway through a normal run.

On Lap 38, Wilson got alongside Strauss for the lead with Minter in tow. As they were finishing the pass, the first caution of the evening flew on Lap 39, involving Spire Motorsports’ Malik Ray, Team Dillon Esports’ Taylor Hurst, Front Row Motorsports’ Michael Cosey Jr, Kanaan Esports’ Vicente Salas, and 23XI’s Keegan Leahy. Both the previous winners, Ray and Leahy, would suffer the most debilitating damage, both losing laps on the ensuing run.

Strategy came into play during that first round of stops, as Honeycutt opted for a two-tire stop. Alongside fgrAccel eRacing’s Garrett Manes, also on two tires, the field returned to green flag racing on Lap 43. Strauss was able to get through the two-tire drivers the quickest, but it possibly cost him some tire life as when he got to Honeycutt’s bumper, he wasn’t able to get by. Wilson and Minter also got through the chaos, and it was Minter who saved the best, contesting Honeycutt for the lead on Lap 72.

It took a number of laps, as the tires were pretty much equalized at that point, but on Lap 76, Minter prevailed and took control for the first time. Wilson was able to also get by Honeycutt, on Lap 86, just moments before the second caution of the event, which involved Manes, slipping back on his two-tire call, along with the other Spire Motorsports car of Casey Kirwan and the other Kanaan Esports car of Kollin Keister. Miles the Monster definitely had his fill in just those first two incidents.

Once again, pit strategy would play into setting the final act. Both Minter and Wilson opted for two tires, seeing how well it worked for Honeycutt in the mid section of the race. The four-tire calls would still be preferred, but if and only if the race could go green until the end. It didn’t. With 30 laps to go on the ensuing restart, the final act would see three more cautions, on laps 105, 113, and 118, sending the race into eNASCAR Overtime.

The opening stint on the two-tire call saw Minter and Wilson get close a number of times for the lead. Minter held on until the Lap 105 caution, then again through the next one, despite Honeycutt taking the pair three-wide on the second-to-last one.

On the final start, Wilson managed to stay alongside long enough for the two to make contact exiting Turn 2. Honeycutt threw it in deep on the top side, but couldn’t get the power down and lost a number of spots, finishing seventh by the end of it. Minter also slid out of the three-wide, allowing Wilson to hold on for his second win of the season.

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Race 6 at Dover Motor Speedway results were as follows:











1210Steven WilsonM801230.000822.89640
2697Tucker MinterWilliam Byron eSports123-0.0914623.00535
3151Donovan StraussWilliams Esports123-0.2043423.02834
42280Ryan LuzaM80123-0.458023.12933
5318Bobby ZalenskiJoe Gibbs Racing123-0.562023.02432
6453Parker WhiteWilliams Esports123-0.580023.06531
758Kaden HoneycuttJR Motorsports123-0.6043523.01130
81325Nick OttingerWilliam Byron eSports123-0.690023.11029
9145Zack NovakOXYGEN Esports123-0.724023.10428
103711Vicente SalasKanaan Esports123-0.728023.09227
111788Briar LaPraddJR Motorsports123-0.920023.03226
122590Jordy LopezBS+COMPETITION123-0.965023.10425
133214Seth DeMerchantfgrAccel eRacing123-1.012023.22324
143355Ryan DoucettePittsburgh Knights123-1.064023.22323
151541Dylan DuvalNitro Circus Sim Racing123-1.112023.08622
16734Darik BourdeauFront Row Motorsports123-1.127023.06221
172077Casey KirwanSpire Motorsports123-1.152023.11920
183845Michael Guest23XI123-1.156023.24319
193454Daniel FaulkinghamJoe Gibbs Racing123-1.246023.19518
20962Matt BussaKevin Harvick Inc.123-1.381023.12817
211148Graham A. BowlinQuikTrip Pioneers Gaming123-1.475023.19416
221627Cody ByusPittsburgh Knights123-1.496023.22615
232799Matthew ZwackNitro Circus Sim Racing123-1.527023.10414
242636Quami ScottLetarte eSports123-1.653023.15513
252329Jimmy MullisKevin Harvick Inc.123-1.677023.10612
262940Dylan AultLetarte eSports123-1.744022.90911
273669Ray AlfallaeRacr123-1.779023.24410
28283Jonathon DulaneyTeam Dillon Esports123-2.056023.0509
291233Taylor HurstTeam Dillon Esports123-2.162023.1928
302422Femi OlatunbosunOXYGEN Esports123-2.278023.1627
31217Malik RaySpire Motorsports123-2.420023.1506
321838Michael Cosey JrFront Row Motorsports123-2.659023.2935
333920Wyatt TinsleyQuikTrip Pioneers Gaming123-3.164023.2074
343589Garrett LoweBS+COMPETITION123-3.726023.2333
354042Tyler GareyeRacr122-1L023.2732
3686Timothy HolmesRFK Racing120-3L023.1591
371912Garrett ManesfgrAccel eRacing113-10L023.1071
383123Keegan Leahy23XI113-10L023.6071
393017Collin BowdenRFK Racing105-18L023.1981
401066Kollin KeisterKanaan Esports88-35L023.1911

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Driver’s Standings through Round 6 are as follows:

  1. Steven Wilson, 194 (2 WINS)
  2. Nick Ottinger, 180
  3. Casey Kirwan, 176
  4. Vicente Salas, 171
  5. Parker White, 159
  6. Donovan Strauss, 149
  7. Bobby Zalenski, 148 (1 WIN)
  8. Zack Novak, 143
  9. Tucker Minter, 142
  10. Kaden Honeycutt/Briar LaPradd, 135
    13. Wyatt Tinsley, 119 (1 WIN)

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Segment 2 Standings through Segment Race 2 are as follows:

  1. Bobby Zalenski, 76
  2. Steven Wilson, 76
  3. Tucker Minter, 72
  4. Parker White, 68
  5. Nick Ottinger, 66
  6. Vicente Salas, 66
  7. Jordy Lopez, 61
  8. Casey Kirwan, 53
  9. Ryan Luza, 51
  10. Donovan Strauss, 51

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Team Standings through Round 6 are as follows:

  1. William Byron eSports (#25/#97), 322
  2. Williams Esports (#51/#53), 308
  3. Spire Motorsports (#7/#77), 306
  4. Kanaan Esports (#11/#66), 286
  5. M80 (#10/#80), 284

After six races, Wilson looks to be the man to beat as he now sits on top of the standings, in both the overall and second segment. Bobby Zalenski also holds a piece of the Segment #2 lead after finishing in fifth at Dover. Former points leader Casey Kirwan falls back into third. The two winners outside the top 20 entering the day stayed there, with Malik Ray now in 24th and Keegan Leahy in 28th. They’ll need to work back into the top 20 to be eligible to use their wins for a chance at the playoffs.

Spire Motorsports loses both the Driver’s championship lead as well as the Team title lead, falling to third behind two Williams. William Byron eSports, with Minter and Ottinger, now lead by 14 points over the Williams Esports pair of Strauss and Parker White.

The 40 top-rated eNASCAR drivers return in two weeks for another wide-open, pack racing event at Talladega Superspeedway. Tune in on Tuesday, May 7th, at 7:30 p.m. ET for the Countdown to Green. Race coverage at Talladega begins at 8 p.m. ET at and across iRacing social media channels.

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