Sebastian Job secures 2024 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup championship at Monza

For the second time in series history, Sebastian Job is a Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup champion.

The Oracle Red Bull Sim Racing driver entered the season finale at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza with a decent lead over Team Redline’s Diogo Pinto. Despite Pinto claiming the win in the final race, Job took a pair of seventh place finishes on the day to take the title by 18 points.

Job becomes the second two-time champion in Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup history. His first title came in the 2020 season, in between the pair of championships collected by Joshua Rogers.

FEATURE RACE #1: With a double Feature race format, there were a few more points on the table to be had. Separated by 38 points entering, Job and Pinto both missed out on qualifying points, starting sixth and seventh, respectively. Racing’s Chris Lulham scored his first TAG Heuer Pole Award, collecting 10 points in the process. Altus Esports’ Jordan Caruso, the outgoing champion, started in third.

Lulham and Caruso managed to get past Williams Esports’ Alessandro Bico in the opening corner, pulling away from the rest of the field. Lulham led the opening two laps, but at the start of the third, Caruso ducked out of line and took it into the first chicane, Lulham opting to concede and work together to keep the advantage. The strategy worked as the two stayed ahead of the field by nearly two seconds until the final lap, when Lulham attempted to get back by.

In just one corner of the contest, the two slowed up enough to bring Stormforce Racing’s Alejandro Sánchez into the picture, but not close enough to attempt a pass for the lead. Lulham gave it one last shot in the final corner, but Caruso held on for his first victory of the season. Back near the invert positions, Job finished in seventh while Pinto finished eighth. That would give Job two more points towards the championship, increasing his lead to 40, but Pinto would have the pole position for the second Feature.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Feature Race #1 – top 10 results from Monza were as follows:

  1. Jordan Caruso
  2. Chris Lulham
  3. Alejandro Sánchez
  4. Dino Lombardi
  5. Yohann Harth
  6. Alessandro Bico
  7. Sebastian Job
  8. Diogo C. Pinto
  9. Cooper Webster
  10. Jakub Maciejewski

FEATURE RACE #2: With a gap of 40 points, Pinto could only take the title by winning or finishing second, while Job would have to finish 17th or worse with a Pinto win. On the start, Bico moved into the runner-up spot, shuffling Job to third. The rest of the competition raced as aggressive as ever, seemingly uncaring that a title would be decided around them.

Bico and Sánchez would scrap for the lead, at times going three-wide with Pinto. Job continued to play defensively, giving up spots to avoid contact or incident points that could result in a penalty. Two cars in his vicinity, Apex Racing Team’s Yohann Harth and Altus Esports’ Dino Lombardi, both served penalties in the second Feature due to incident points.

Up front, Pinto held on, barely holding off Job’s teammate, Cooper Webster, for the victory. Job settled in for another seventh place finish, which was more than enough to claim the championship.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Feature Race #2 results from Monza were as follows:










1144Diogo C. Pinto140.000131:48.76576
2937Cooper Webster14-0.00901:48.15869
3720Chris Lulham14-0.28101:48.18095
41512Gustavo Ariel14-1.29501:48.10949
5377Alessandro Bico14-1.92501:48.40773
6647Alejandro Sánchez14-2.61111:48.08470*
7222Sebastian Job14-2.92601:48.22156
81296Luke McKeown14-3.30101:48.42844
91743Josh Thompson14-4.16101:48.49233
101029Jakub Maciejewski14-4.23301:48.41144
11145Oskari Rinne14-4.41801:48.42334
121616Luca Kita14-4.51901:48.49428
131115Zac Campbell14-4.53701:48.39836
141340Julien Soenen14-4.58601:48.24030
1581Jordan Caruso14-5.42301:48.10168
16233Kevin Nielsen14-5.42301:48.86413
172757Mathias Stokbæk Jensen14-5.85001:48.5219
181828Sam Kuitert14-6.52601:48.66916
191995Parker White14-6.96901:48.47314
202492Michael Janney14-7.10401:48.5328
212569Moreno Sirica14-12.63501:49.2286
222127Simone Maria Marcenò14-12.97501:49.3749
23513Dino Lombardi14-15.66701:48.23242
24490Yohann Harth14-16.01601:48.67636
25264Salva Talens14-23.03601:48.2511
262211Matti Sipilä14-23.48801:48.5614
272024Lasse Bak8-6L01:48.4276

* = Points penalty applied post-race

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points through Round 7 are as follows:

  1. Sebastian Job, 469
  2. Diogo C. Pinto, 451
  3. Jordan Caruso, 332
  4. Cooper Webster, 331
  5. Alejandro Sánchez, 328
  6. Luke McKeown, 321
  7. Yohann Harth, 306
  8. Alessandro Bico, 297
  9. Chris Lulham, 294
  10. Gustavo Ariel, 287
  11. Zac Campbell, 253
  12. Sam Kuitert, 231
  13. Luca Kita, 129
  14. Kevin Nielsen, 126
  15. Josh Thompson, 108

ALL-STARS: Before the Supercup, the All-Stars of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup also had a championship to settle. Defending champion Casey Kirwan had the advantage, by 15 points over Pablo “The Pulpo” Lopez. 2022 champion Tyson “Quirkitized’ Meier sat third with an outside shot at it, but after Lopez and Kirwan finished in the top two of the Sprint, he was mathematically out of it.

That opening Sprint race featured wet weather racing for the first time in official iRacing eSports competition. Lopez took the pole with Quirk in second and Kirwan third. After a slowdown for Quirk, Kirwan moved into the second position. The Sprint race saw the track dry through the event, not enough for a pit stop and a set of dry tires to be utilized, but enough that Kirwan started to flip the script on Lopez. Lopez held on for the win, and the points difference was down to eight points entering the Feature finale.

Oliver “Basic Ollie” Furnell started on the pole for the finale and led the entire way while the battle for second was intense. Borja Zazo, Dan Suzuki, Tony Kanaan, and Matt Malone all scrapped for the spot while Kirwan and Lopez worked their way up the grid from the back row. Ollie won, Kirwan finished fourth, and Lopez managed sixth. With the 11-point advantage, Kirwan claimed his second straight championship. The top five finishing All-Stars, including Lopez, Quirk, Daniel Gray, and David “Sampsoid” Sampson, all will receive a TAG Heuer prize.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports All-Stars Sprint results from Monza were as follows:

  1. The Pulpo Lopez
  2. Casey Kirwan
  3. Emree
  4. Quirkitized
  5. LoveFortySix

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports All-Stars Feature results from Monza were as follows:

  1. Basic Ollie
  2. Dan Suzuki
  3. Matt Malone
  4. Casey Kirwan
  5. Tony Kanaan

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports All-Stars points through Round 7 are as follows:

  1. Casey Kirwan, 231
  2. The Pulpo Lopez, 220
  3. Quirkitized, 169
  4. Daniel Gray, 137
  5. Sampsoid, 130


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