Outlaw and Stock Dirt Micro Sprints: What, Where, and When

When the Dirt Micro Sprint made its iRacing debut with the 2024 Season 2 build, Dirt Oval racers fell in love with it and couldn’t get enough! After seeing the initial response and demand for even more racing, we’ve expanded our offering to create even more series, as well as a second spec for the cars at the Rookie level.

What is now called the Dirt Outlaw Micro Sprint is the car that all iRacers received upon release. It produces 160 horsepower from its 600cc engine, and it’s available in both winged and non-winged variants. The stock Dirt Micro Sprint has been lowered to a more approachable 120 horsepower for less experienced iRacers to have a better shot at coming to grips with its handling. All four cars are free with your iRacing subscription!

The stock version has taken over in the two Rookie-level series, while the Outlaw version finds its home at Class C in the Millbridge Micro Showdown, where the winged and non-winged cars rotate each week. With the additional cars and series, you can race a different Dirt Micro Sprint multiple times an hour:

  • :00 – Rookie Micro Winged Sprint Car Series
  • :30 – Rookie Micro Non-Winged Sprint Car Series
  • :45 – Millbridge Micro Showdown