iRacing to Split Road License Type into Sports Car and Formula Licenses for 2024 Season 2

To encourage participation in both forms of racing and better reflect driver skill levels in each while matchmaking, iRacing will split its Road license type into two new licenses—Sports Car and Formula—with the 2024 Season 2 build. When the build deploys on Tuesday, March 5, all users will see the new license types display along their existing Oval, Dirt Oval, and Dirt Road licenses, while the Road license type will be retired.

When the license type split occurs, all iRacers’ current Road license iRating and Safety Rating values will be copied to both your new Sports Car and Formula license types. All iRacers’ historical Road license data, such as stats, replays, awards, and other historical information, will be retained after the split with the Road (Retired) license label.

While iRating and Safety Rating will carry over from the retired Road license type to get things started, the following data will be collected from a fresh start under the new Sports Car and Formula license types:

  • Race results and statistics (i.e., starts, wins, top 5s, etc.)
  • Awards
  • Time Trial Rating (ttR)

Due to the nature of the split, all league and hosted sessions scheduled for after the 2024 Season 2 build that use cars currently set for the Road license will be deleted and will need to be rebuilt. Sessions that fail to launch or are otherwise canceled are never charged to the users who create them.

The new license types will not affect how iRating and Safety Rating are calculated, or what license requirements are for Official Series. There are currently no plans to split any other iRacing license types.

For additional information and recommendations, please see the Road License Type Split FAQ.