Phase 1 of iRacing’s Oval Refresh Drops in 2024 Season 1

A more dynamic racing experience is on the way for Oval iRacers as part of 2024 Season 1. Phase 1 of iRacing’s Oval Refresh hits the pavement as part of the new build, and as part of it, users will see much more contrast between surface grip levels as they relate to track temperature.

In particular, you’ll notice that if the whole field has been running the same line under race conditions, the surface grip levels may change—it’ll be up to you to decide what other lines to try, and when, to gain an advantage. Was it overcast and cool the last time you drove on a track, but now it’s sunny and hot? Don’t be surprised if you need to tweak your setup for the change in temperature. Is the sun low enough that the grandstands are casting a shadow on one side of the track but not the other? You might find yourself having to drive each end of the track completely differently.

As in real-world racing, many factors can influence the variability of the experience. From how many cars are sharing the track with you, to the weather and time of day, to what type of session you’re in, each experience is unique, and some differences will be more pronounced than others. Be sure to check out Phase 1 of the Oval Refresh as part of our Week 13 series, or host a session with your favorite car and track combos!