iRacing and Orontes Games Unveil ExoCross, PlayStation and Xbox Console Ports

Evolution of DRAG: Outer Zones features numerous improvements, new gameplay modes

iRacing and Orontes Games are pleased to announce the creation of ExoCross, a futuristic off-road driving game that will be coming to Steam, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series S/Series X in fall 2023. The final evolution of the existing DRAG: Outer Zones title available now on Steam for PC Early Access, ExoCross takes the platform to the next level with additional content, new gameplay modes, and a substantial amount of gameplay improvements.

The rebrand of DRAG: Outer Zones to ExoCross is the culmination of numerous gameplay and production improvements after iRacing acquired Orontes Games in December 2021. Both Orontes Games and iRacing have collaborated to develop the title. With extended updates across the board, the iRacing and Orontes teams sought to create branding and a backstory for the futuristic new sport featured in the game. The name ExoCross was chosen as a reflection of the rugged, fast-paced, other-world off-road racing present in the game.

To complete ExoCross, the Orontes team has grown with new dedicated roles in design, engine, art, gameplay, and AI development. Improvements to the on-track experience include physics updates, stability and traction control, and the addition of the game’s boost mechanic to single-player play. Updates to the game interface include everything from a new onboarding flow to new pre- and post-race presentation sequences. The game has been ported successfully to PlayStation and Xbox to allow for simultaneous PC and console release.

ExoCross players will have additional new gameplay modes and content to look forward to from the PC Early Access experience of DRAG: Outer Zones. New Quick Race and Championship modes will challenge racers to take on AI racers for ultimate ExoCross glory, while an all-new game zone and additional vehicle class will further expand the user experience. The new content and features have been added to the existing DRAG: Outer Zones cars, tracks, and gameplay modes to create the full game.

ExoCross will be an automatic upgrade and replacement for DRAG: Outer Zones for PC Early Access users. More information on ExoCross, including detailed release information and additional development updates, will be released in the coming months. To sign up for email updates on ExoCross and other iRacing products, visit