Introducing iRacing Auto Fuel

Want to push your car to the absolute limits on fuel at the end of any given race? iRacing’s all-new Auto Fuel option is your new best friend. Auto Fuel is a new tool for 2023 Season 2, enabled on many of iRacing’s most popular cars that regularly face pit stops, that takes data from your previous laps to estimate how much fuel you’ll need to make it to the finish based on your fuel consumption.

When Auto Fuel is enabled, it’ll use a combination of car, track, race, and user data to determine how much fuel you need at your next fuel stop. The calculation is based in part on your fuel usage during laps at speed, so it won’t begin to offer numbers until after you’ve run a few laps to analyze your fuel economy. Caution laps are not factored into Auto Fuel calculations.

For timed races, Auto Fuel calculations provide an extra lap of fuel for the finish to compensate for final laps started just before the timer expires. In addition, users may select a margin of error with the Auto Fuel tool for how many extra laps they’d like to have in the tank, an asset for those who expect to face a green-white-checkered finish in series that extend race lengths.

Auto Fuel is available now for cars that regularly require pit stops, including all three NASCAR national series, Australian Supercars, IMSA and other major active and classic sports car classes, and many other open-wheel, stock, and sports cars. A full list of cars that have Auto Fuel enabled at launch is available on the iRacing Forums as part of the 2023 Season 2 release notes.