THIS WEEK: iRacing Chili Bowl Special Event

iRacing’s Special Event calendar features a selection of the world’s most compelling races across numerous disciplines. Whether you’re interested in stock cars or sports cars, open-wheel formula cars or sprint cars, sticking to pavement or playing in the dirt, running solo or racing with a team of your closest friends, our Special Events have something for everyone!

The Chili Bowl is held every January at the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The biggest midget race of the year, it attracts hundreds of drivers from all types of racing attempting to work their way through a week of preliminary rounds and an alphabet soup of main events to get to the 55-lap A main. This Super Session event invites the top points finishers from a weeklong series to do battle in a grand final to determine the overall event champion, and features heat racing just like its real-world counterpart.

To learn more about the event, its time slots, the latest information on the cars that will be competing, and everything else you need to know, visit our Special Events page or the iRacing Forums.

What is an iRacing Super Session?

Each year, the iRacing Special Events calendar challenges iRacers of all skill levels to compete in a diverse slate of events, ranging from premier oval and sports car races to dirt events. While many of these events see the entire community competing at the same time, a handful of others, called Super Sessions, showcase only the best of the best at any given discipline.

iRacing Special Events using the Super Session model start out like any other public iRacing series, with regularly occurring events on a fixed time schedule throughout the week. Just like in a public series, your first four race results comprise your score in the point standings, but you can run additional events to continue trying to improve your total, as all of your race scores will be averaged out.

On Super Session day itself, a set amount of drivers, comprised of only the top point scorers who are registered for the session, will contest the Super Session. For example, if the Super Session takes 20 drivers and one of the top 20 doesn’t register, the next available driver who is registered for the session will be allowed to compete. Those drivers will then take part in the race session to determine the Special Event champion!

iRacing Super Sessions are often used for events with shorter-length features in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to compete together. Examples of iRacing Special Events that use the Super Session model include the iRacing SCCA Runoffs, iRacing Crandon Pro 4 Championship, and iRacing Chili Bowl.