iRacing Member Spotlight: Kevin McCarthy

When does having fun with sim racing lead to a whole new career path? For Kevin McCarthy, an iRacer for nearly a decade, going for as many wins as possible in our Dallara Dash series eventually led to a new role with MOZA Racing, and eventually led them to become the new sponsor of the iRacing F3 MOZA Racing Championship – Fixed series. Kevin’s experience in one of iRacing’s most accessible Rookie series is proof that you don’t necessarily need to be a professional sim racer to make the most of your time on the sim! Here’s Kevin’s story:

I started racing the Pimax Dallara Dash because it was so nice to be able to meet people from all over the world. It’s always a fun race to be in because the regulars always show up as well. A few times I had noticed that there was a draw for prizes, and I always participated but never won anything in the draws.

For 2022 Season 1, I noticed that the draw prize was the Pimax 8kx headset. After reading further into the competition, I found that MOZA Racing was also sponsoring that season with a full racing bundle. I put the Pimax logo on the car as required and started to race, excited for the season and the possibility of winning the Pimax headset. I had previously heard of MOZA Racing from their gimbal accessories, and was very excited knowing that this company was making a direct drive steering system for sim racing.

Soon after, I noticed that the contest was for overall wins, not a random draw. I actually asked my wife, “do you mind if I disappear for the next 13 weeks?” expecting the answer to be “not really.” But she was game for it and said, “go do it, I think you can do it, good luck!” So now the Dallara Dash was my home.

I buried my head into the home-built simulator that I had, with a gear driven wheel and so-so pedals, but after racing so long with that gear I had become pretty accustomed to it. I was always pretty good in the IndyCar, and I enjoy driving it. On Christmas Eve, I got COVID-19 and was in quarantine, which gave me all sorts of time to just keep racing and winning. I treated it like every race I was losing the contest.

About a week after the season ended, it was announced that I had won the prizes from Pimax and MOZA Racing. Both companies were very courteous and congratulatory. MOZA sent the R16 Direct Wheel Base, the CRP Pedals, the RS D-shaped Wheel, and an HD Racing Dash. What a beautiful bunch of equipment! After using their bundle setup for almost four months now, I can say that it has definitely improved my driving, and the feel of such accurate feedback has done nothing but improve my experience and racing.

I had a conversation with marketing at MOZA and they showed an interest in working with iRacing, and with my years on the platform I offered up my help. I became a moderator on their Global Community page, and since then have been working closely with MOZA Racing to sponsor one of iRacing’s premier series and once again offer up a full racing bundle to a lucky person winning the draw. I now have the title of Senior Consultant, and I’m pleased to represent the company that was so gracious to put up such a beautiful prize pack.

I can’t say enough about how the MOZA Racing team has treated me and the benefits of being a representative for such an awesome company. I look forward to the future of MOZA in the sim racing world—there are many more new things to come! I’d also like to thank everyone at iRacing for coming together on this new venture for both MOZA Racing and me, and I can’t forget Pimax for sponsoring this year’s Dallara Dash series.

I look forward to seeing everybody on the track—don’t be shy to say hi!