Cardwell Steals iRacing World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series Opener in Photo Finish at Fairbury

In the iRacing World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series, the world’s best dirt oval sim racers get 50 laps to showcase their skills in the feature in hopes of taking the checkered flag. On Monday night at Fairbury Speedway, Evan Seay led 49 of them—but not the one that mattered most.

2020 series champion Hayden Cardwell broke a trend that had previously seen rookie and first-time winners kick off the series with victories by outdueling fellow series veteran Seay on the final lap in a photo finish to take the victory. 2019 champion Blake Matjoulis completed a veteran-heavy podium, with polesitter Damian Kiefer the top-finishing series rookie in fourth.

The World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series returned after a one-year hiatus with a changing of the guard expected at the front of the field thanks to several new names. Kiefer set that tone out of the gate by qualifying first and pulling out a one-second advantage over Cardwell in Heat 1, but veterans Seay, Kendal Tucker, and Logan Rumsey would score the next three heat victories. More surprising were some of the names that would miss the feature with disappointing heat and LCQ results; James Edens, Alex Bergeron, and Drew Hopkins were among the returning drivers who would start their season watching 20 others do battle in the main event.

Just two cautions at Lap 26 and Lap 44 would bunch up the field in the main, but neither would lead to a DNF. The latter couldn’t have been better for Cardwell, though, as Seay had extended a lead of more than two seconds at the time. Coming off the restart, Cardwell would take full advantage, remaining on Seay’s bumper the whole way before finally making the winning move coming to the checkered flag.

Monday night’s broadcast was also a celebratory moment for the World of Outlaws, iRacing, and Monster Games, as the first teaser clip for World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing was revealed. The Monster Games-developed title marks World of Outlaws’ return to the console gaming world for the first time in two decades, as well as the debut of iRacing assets on a console title, and will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 27. For more information on World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, visit

iRacing World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series results from Fairbury Speedway were as follows:










1507Hayden Cardwell50112.29477
2233Evan Seay50-0.0444912.19075
39127Blake Matjoulis50-0.522012.33070
4121Damian Kiefer50-0.721012.28369
5300Kendal Tucker50-1.552012.26066
6193Barrett Bishop50-1.676012.44455
7614JD Brown50-2.154012.36159
8748Dylan Yeager50-2.169012.31856
91825Zack McSwain50-2.548012.30350
10441Logan Rumsey250-2.720012.31951
111223Chase Barbara50-2.866012.29547
122019Mike Augustine50-3.411012.40341
131746Matthew Selby50-3.812012.35140
141610Steven  Wilson50-3.959012.39840
15152Jesse Wall50-4.241012.47538
161180Dylan Wilson50-5.027012.45637
17818Cameron Cason50-5.310012.46736
181412Ben Coutermarsh50-6.009012.40032
1910357Cody Seeber50-6.325012.48631
201313Travis StClair50-6.640012.42228


iRacing World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series points through one round are as follows:

  1. Hayden Cardwell, 77
  2. Evan Seay, 75
  3. Blake Matjoulis, 70
  4. Damian Kiefer, 69
  5. Kendal Tucker, 66
  6. JD Brown, 59
  7. Dylan Yeager, 56
  8. Barrett Bishop, 55
  9. Logan Rumsey, 51
  10. Zack McSwain, 50

The iRacing World of Outlaws ButtKicker Late Model Series season continues on Monday, August 1 at 9PM ET with a visit to Wisconsin’s Cedar Lake Speedway. As always, the action can be streamed live across iRacing social media platforms and DirtVision. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit