Orontes Games and iRacing Lay Long-Term Foundations for Development

DRAG coming to PlayStation, Xbox; additional new products being designed for future release

Orontes Games and iRacing are excited to share their long-term strategy for continued product development over the coming years. As part of the strategic direction, DRAG, Orontes’ innovative fantasy off-road driving game for the PC, is currently being ported to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles.

iRacing acquired Orontes Games, developers of DRAG, in December 2021. The company was founded in 2016 and first released DRAG as an Early Access title on Steam in 2020. Since then, iRacing and Orontes founders Christian and Thorsten Folkers have been building up a devoted Orontes development team for both DRAG and future products.

DRAG is a unique off-road racing game on the proprietary Orontes engine introducing 4CPT (4-way contact patch traction technology). Coinciding with its console release, DRAG will receive a fleet of improved functionality and new features on all platforms, including an offline single-player campaign mode racing against AI opponents, UI improvements, additional driving aids, a new global progression system, and new content. Following DRAG, a new driving game is also currently under design.

“Laying out the future roadmap for Orontes Games has been incredibly exciting,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner. “We are excited to release a new and improved version of DRAG to the console market on both the PlayStation and Xbox, along with upgrading the existing version of DRAG sold on Steam currently to the PC market. The new version will include DRAG’s unique game design, fun driving physics, state of the art game engine and graphics model along with substantial brand new features and upgrades. Following DRAG, we’re excited to take advantage of the limitless possibilities of the Orontes engine to design an all-new unique racing experience that will captivate the race gaming market!”

“We’re incredibly happy with the continued evolution of DRAG,” added Orontes Games producer and iRacing development director Eric Busch. “The Orontes game engine doesn’t just push the physics of sim racing forward, it also features beautiful graphics that help to create an incredible gameplay experience from all facets. It’s been an incredible platform to build upon as we create an expanded version of DRAG for both PC and console players, and we’re excited to take advantage of its incredible potential with an all-new product in the near future.”

Players who have not yet experienced DRAG are currently able to purchase the game on Steam. Click here to purchase DRAG on Steam!

More details on the console version of DRAG, as well as information on future Orontes products, will be released in the coming months. For more information on Orontes Games, visit www.orontesgames.com. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit www.iracing.com.