iRacing 2022 Season 2 Week 13 Schedule Released

Looking forward to getting behind the wheel of our newest cars and tracks? The latest edition of iRacing Week 13 has you covered with all sorts of fun new weeklong championships! For our newest racers, iRacing Week 13 is our week between the four quarterly iRacing seasons where we debut new content, give our most serious racers a week to recharge between championships, and have some fun with a handful of out-of-the-box ideas. Here’s the full list of what to expect:

New Content and Features Series* (*all start after build)

  • 13th Week GT3 Challenge – Fixed: Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020/Fuji/Sandown
  • 13th Week Shiny New Shakedown: GT4 class, Mercedes-AMG GT4/Fuji/Sandown
  • 13th Week Muddy Mess: 360 Winged Sprint at Port Royal
  • 13th Week iRacing Radical Cup: Radical SR10/Fuji/Sandown
  • 13th Week Rookie Legends Cup: Rookie Legends at updated Oxford Plains

Official Series (iRating and Safety Rating affected)

  • Oval Series
    • NASCAR iRacing Series – Open
    • NASCAR iRacing Series – Fixed
    • 13th Week Street Stock Challenge
  • Road Series
    • 13th Week Mazda Cup
    • 13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge
    • 13th Week Porsche Cup Series
  • Dirt Oval Series
    • 13th Week Dirt Street Stock Challenge
    • 13th Week DIRTcar UMP Modified – Fixed
  • Dirt Road Series
    • 13th Week iRacing Rallycross Series
    • 13th Week iRacing Rallycross Lite

Fun Series (Sporting Code still applies, iRating and Safety Rating not affected)

  • Oval Series
    • Pickup Cup
    • Dallara Dash
    • Carburetor Cup
    • 13th Week iRacing Identity Crisis: Lotus 49 on ovals
  • Road Series
    • 13th Week iRacing Deutsche Drifters: BMW M8 GTE, M4 GT3, M4 GT4
    • 13th Week Battle of the Little Wings: iR-04, Formula Renault 2.0, USF2000
    • 13th Week Ridiculousness: Lotus 79, Stock Car Brasil, Global MX-5 Cup
    • 13th Week iRacing Figure GR8: Ford Mustang FR500, Pro 2 Lite (alternating with and without jump)
  • Dirt Oval Series
    • 13th Week Mudskipping: Skip Barber Formula 2000
    • 13th Week 2×4 Off-Road Trucks: Pro 4, Pro 2, Pro 2 Lite
  • Dirt Road Series
    • 13th Week Symkhana: Dirt Legends on rallycross courses