Diogo Pinto Claims 2022 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Title in Monza

Images via Porsche Motorsport

With a vintage season-long performance, Diogo Pinto proved that consistency still wins championships in top-level sim racing, locking up the 2022 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup title at its traditional finale host venue at Autodromo Nazionale Monza on Saturday. The Porsche24 Team Redline driver barely put a wheel wrong all season, relying on good points day after good points day to hold the championship lead just about all season long and locking up the title with finishes of seventh in the sprint race and sixth in the feature. Pinto scored an astounding 19 top-10 finishes across 20 combined sprint and feature races during the season.

That was still good enough to hold off feature winner Sebastian Job of Red Bull Racing Esports, who led the series with seven wins across sprint and feature races in the 10-event campaign. Job capped off the year with his third feature victory at Monza, clawing past Apex Racing Team’s Kevin Ellis Jr. for second in series points at season’s end and nearly finishing what would have been the defining comeback in series history. After sitting well outside the top 10 in series points early in the year, Job clawed back to second with a win at Red Bull Ring and remained in the hunt from there, but Pinto’s lead was just too extensive.

Charlie Collins finished second to Job in the feature after winning the sprint race, while Dayne Warren (second in the sprint) and Yohann Harth (third in the feature) were the day’s other podium finishers. All three were well within the top 15 points finishers who will retain their licenses to compete in the series once again in 2023. The last of those spots went to Moreno Sirica, who held off Hockenheim winner Ayhancan Guven by 18 points.

In the All-Star action, Tyson “Quirkitized” Meier earned the 2022 title before even turning a wheel at Monza, and celebrated his triumph with a third place in the feature race. Jaroslav “Jardier” Honzik and 2021 champion Emily “Emree” Jones took the top two spots in the feature, with Porsche Junior driver and former PESC competitor Laurin Heinrich winning the sprint race.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature results from Autodromo Nazionale Monza were as follows:










1622Sebastian Job1451:48.96280
2893Charlie Collins14-0.71201:48.95078
3490Yohann Harth14-1.50601:49.22960
41077Jeremy Bouteloup14-1.70401:49.17648
51349Jamie Fluke14-1.94201:49.01542
6244Diogo C. Pinto14-2.30601:49.02551
7115Zac Campbell14-2.60301:48.94041
81721Graham Carroll14-2.99401:49.36030
91269Moreno Sirica14-3.14401:49.48633
101931David Williams14-6.29601:49.32324
112251Josh Thompson14-8.40501:49.49620
121678Alessandro Bico14-8.58401:49.14623
132328Sam Kuitert14-11.47601:49.30516
143253Ayhancan Guven14-13.44301:49.75814
15154Salva Talens14-13.75501:49.24618
16297Jeff Giassi14-17.01901:49.99310
171895Kamil Grabowski14-17.08701:50.24012
18347Alejandro Sánchez14-36.29891:49.22523
19757Dayne Warren14-36.46701:48.87431
202640Julien Soenen14-40.71601:50.8226
212881Quentiin Vialatte14-40.90701:50.7745
223179Oskar Biksrud14-45.52301:50.7304
23598Kevin Ellis Jr14-49.61801:48.88921
242197Tuomas Tähtelä14-51.25601:49.7062
251137Cooper Webster13-1 L01:49.23211
261413Dino Lombardi13-1 L01:49.2537
272070Gianni Vecchio11-3 L01:49.1771
28912Jordan Caruso6-8 L01:49.13812
292583Bobby Zalenski2-12 L00
303017Matti Sipilä1-13 L00
312416Alexander Wolters1-13 L00
322711Maximilian Benecke0-14 L00


The top 15 drivers in final 2022 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points are as follows:

  1. Diogo Pinto, 554
  2. Sebastian Job, 535
  3. Kevin Ellis Jr., 487
  4. Zac Campbell, 469
  5. Charlie Collins, 450
  6. Jeremy Bouteloup, 356
  7. Jamie Fluke, 328
  8. Cooper Webster, 327
  9. Maximilian Benecke, 300
  10. Alejandro Sanchez, 294
  11. Salva Talens, 242
  12. Dayne Warren, 228
  13. Yohann Harth, 206
  14. Graham Carroll, 204
  15. Moreno Sirica, 194

For full standings, click here.

Qualifying for the 2023 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup season will begin this summer, with the Qualifying Series open to all drivers in July and the top finishers advancing to the Contender Series in October to battle for a spot on next year’s grid. For more information on the series, visit www.iracing.com/pesc. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit www.iracing.com.