AI Hosted Comes to iRacing!

Multiple iRacers from all over the world can trade paint with AI drivers for the first time as AI Hosted events come to iRacing with the 2021 Season 4 build! Using any of our AI-enabled content, you’ll be able to create race sessions that fill up the field with virtual drivers to compete alongside real iRacers. This functionality works with both regular Hosted sessions and with Leagues.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create an AI Hosted session the same way you would create any other Hosted session. We recommend that the iRacer with the best connection serve as the host. Only AI-enabled tracks will be eligible for AI Hosted sessions.
  • iRacers register for, and join, the AI hosted session. While the AI drivers will only be able to compete in AI-enabled cars, the host may create a session that allows other iRacers to run in cars that aren’t AI-enabled.
  • The AI roster in the session will be linked to the iRacer who creates the AI Hosted session. This roster may be generated on the spot, or selected from rosters that you’ve already built. When the host joins the server, the AI cars join; if the host leaves the server, the AI cars leave. If the host returns, the AI cars return as well.
  • When the host joins the server, the AI roster they bring will fill as many open grid spots as possible. As with real iRacers, these grid spots are not released once they’re claimed by the AI cars, even if the host leaves the session. If the host is bringing a large AI roster, they may still register immediately, but hold off on hitting the button to actually join the session—we recommend that the host join last so that no real users are locked out!
  • If the AI roster is not big enough to fill all remaining open grid spots, new iRacers will still be able to join.