BMW Team Redline Goes 1-2 in Top Split of iRacing Spa 24HR Powered by Heusinkveld

Each summer, the world’s top GT3 drivers descend upon the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Spa 24HR. As always, the world’s best iRacers did the same the week beforehand for the iRacing Spa 24HR Powered by Heusinkveld. And as has been the case, more often than not, this year, BMW Team Redline took the checkered flag in the top split at the end of an endurance event.

This time, it was the Red team of Maximilian Benecke, Patrik Holzmann, and Jonas Wallmeier taking the victory, leading 415 of the race’s 612 laps from the pole to post a victory of nearly 30 seconds over the Blue squad of Chris Lulham, Enzo Bonito, and Lorenzo Colombo. Not to be outdone, the second Redline car led 105 laps of its own.

Only four teams out of 54 in the top split, all running the BMW M4 GT3, finished on the lead lap; BMW Team BS Competition’s Rainer Talvar, Alexander Voß, and Phil Denes led 24 laps and took the final podium spot over Williams Esports’ Lasse Bak, Martin Christensen, Daniel Lafuente, and Josh Thompson, who led an additional 37. All told, thousands of iRacers combined to create 36 splits of the event, including 19 in the 12:00 GMT time slot on Saturday.

Full results from the top split of the 2021 iRacing Spa 24HR were as follows:











1171BMW Team Redline RedBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class6124152:15.887
2372BMW Team Redline BlueBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class612-29.7781052:15.970
31189BMW Team BS COMPETITIONBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class612-1:19.518242:15.932
442Williams EsportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class612-2:11.458372:15.946
56911Porsche24 driven by RedlinePorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class611-1 L02:16.265
612450Biela Racing Team EURONICSLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class611-1 L02:16.108
7255BMW Team GBBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class611-1 L272:16.078
855MAHLE RACING TEAMBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class610-2 L02:16.421
91020Team Redline Black VelvetMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class610-2 L02:16.308
109178Maniti RacingLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class610-2 L02:16.450
111623Arnage CompetitionBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class610-2 L02:16.297
128912Porsche24 driven by RedlinePorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class610-2 L02:16.413
131376SimRC $76 24h SpaMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class610-2 L02:16.385
14208PRT Ronin SimSportMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class609-3 L02:16.332
152719Sportteam Competición GT3BMW M4 GT3GT3 Class609-3 L02:16.282
161518Radicals OnlineBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class608-4 L02:16.316
173083RiLey SimRacingBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class608-4 L02:16.384
182475Phoenix Racing eSport RedLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class608-4 L02:16.411 by HetznerPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class608-4 L02:16.728
2041116Puresims EsportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class608-4 L02:16.667
21339PGZ MotorsportLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class608-4 L02:16.515
222211Zennith EsportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class608-4 L02:16.685
23211Sportteam Competición – Rincon RacingBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class608-4 L02:16.822
2438117Puresims EsportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class607-5 L02:16.909
2551746NSH Racing TeamPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class607-5 L02:16.795
264217V-RIG KC Racing eSportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class607-5 L02:16.757
273968Impulse Racing #68Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class607-5 L02:16.757
2840585Precision Racing eSports #111Mercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class606-6 L02:16.664
295277Volante Racing RedBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class606-6 L02:16.940
3047355Valkyrie by francorchamps miniaturesBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class606-6 L02:16.822
31498OP FordFord GT GT3GT3 Class605-7 L02:17.388
323421Volante Racing BlueBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class604-8 L02:16.663
3345277ASR x Able EsportsBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class602-10 L02:16.651
342616Alpinestars Geodesic RacingBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class426-186 L02:16.796
351848SRC Squadra Corse BlackLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class411-201 L02:16.233
3628473Carbon SimsportLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class374-238 L02:17.122
37196Mivano Simracing TeamBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class360-252 L02:16.274
3873URANO eSports HEINEKINGMEDIAMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class350-262 L42:16.391
393510hEy MaN! MotorsportsLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class291-321 L02:17.168
4025255HB SimRacingBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class283-329 L02:16.554
415397Team RSO #97BMW M4 GT3GT3 Class223-389 L02:17.237
421784URANO eSports HPMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class219-393 L02:17.109
4350388SAe Racing Team GoldLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class212-400 L02:17.231
443698Monaco EsportsLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class176-436 L02:17.578
45147Team BMW BankBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class168-444 L02:16.903
463712Comrade GamingPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class0-612 L0
473224SIMMSA Esports GT3 blackBMW M4 GT3GT3 Class0-612 L0
482369Punto cL RacingLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class0-612 L0
494664Moradness Satellite eStarsPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3 Class0-612 L0
502951Team FordzillaMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class0-612 L0 by ACVLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGT3 Class0-612 L0
524415Black Star RacingMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class0-612 L0
5348145Star Motorsport BlueAudi R8 LMSGT3 Class0-612 L0
54544URANO eSports HUAWEIMercedes AMG GT3GT3 Class0-612 L0


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Image via Team Redline