Rogers and deJong Go Back-to-Back in BMW SIM GT Cup with Road Atlanta Triumph

The last time the BMW SIM GT Cup was in action, Joshua Rogers and Mitchell deJong dominated the top split at Silverstone Circuit in March, leading all but two laps on the way to taking the checkered flag to exorcise the bad luck they encountered in their first two races of 2021. This Sunday at Road Atlanta was more of the same, as the pairing led all but one of the 95 laps completed to score a decisive victory.

Just like in Silverstone, Maximilian Benecke and Enzo Bonito would take second place, but it’d be a close fight; .131 seconds was all that separated the #1 BMW M8 GTE from the #81 car shared by Charlie Collins and Jeremy Bouteloup at the finish line. But while Bonito would hang onto the second position in the chase to the finish line, Collins would lay claim to leading the one lap that Rogers or deJong didn’t over the course of the race.

Road Atlanta saw 49 starters in the top split, a record for 2021 so far. Only 18 of them would finish on the lead lap, five less than Silverstone, but 18 more would finish just one lap down as a vast majority of starters were still running at the checkered flag.

Top split results from Sunday’s BMW SIM GT Cup round at Road Atlanta were as follows:









118VRS Coanda Simsport $895941:14.836
261Team Redline Red95-9.85001:15.220
3381VRS Coanda Simsport $8195-9.98111:15.103
42474MSi eSports 12095-23.53401:15.162
5890BS COMPETITION #8995-30.75101:15.229
61118VRS Coanda Simsport $1895-32.62601:15.225
8165URANO eSports HUAWEI95-42.08401:15.359
9252BS COMPETITION #9095-47.94601:15.512
10124R8G Esports #895-50.53201:15.358
1113260Zennith Esports95-54.15401:15.496
121042Williams Esports Razer95-57.17101:15.301
13920Team Redline Blue95-1:00.25501:15.197
14141R8G Esports Junior 295-1:00.38601:15.649
152110R8G eSports Junior 195-1:01.05501:15.531
16226P1 Esports95-1:01.49601:15.693
17799Apex Racing Team $9995-1:08.21001:15.423
183814NoName Racing GTE95-1:11.23201:15.579
1915450Biela Racing Team EURONICS94-1 L01:15.374
201713PRT Ronin SimSport94-1 L01:15.375
21277BS COMPETITION #5894-1 L01:15.780
222811URANO eSports HP94-1 L01:15.747
2319999Estremadura e Ribatejo94-1 L01:15.676 by Hetzner94-1 L01:15.773
2536856CUBE RACING #85694-1 L01:15.409
264655RSR  by G-Performance #5594-1 L01:15.747
2735116Puresims Esports94-1 L01:15.759
2841888Cube Racing #88894-1 L01:15.676
292678Ronin SimSport94-1 L01:15.594
304015RSR By G-Performance #6994-1 L01:15.744
313777United Sim Sports GT 2EzyFinance94-1 L01:15.937 by ACV94-1 L01:16.119
333425Boost5mentos94-1 L01:15.674
342915United Sim Sports GT Valvoline94-1 L01:15.413
3544555Pailler Compétition Esport Red94-1 L01:15.778
364817Mario Kart Motorsports94-1 L01:16.006
374777Volante Racing93-2 L01:16.412
381812R8G eSports Junior 392-3 L01:15.414
394521LAST MINUTE MOTORSPORT92-3 L01:16.039
4039228Sportteam Competicion #20868-27 L01:15.313
413116Obsidian Racing0-95 L0
423251United Sim Sports GT SRH240-95 L0
43588VRS Coanda Simsport $880-95 L0
443075United Sim Sports GT Harrop0-95 L0
45249Williams Esports Fanatec0-95 L0
4643523Pailler Compétition Esport Green0-95 L0
47203Williams Esports Chillblast0-95 L0
482348RaceKraft Esports0-95 L0
494919Last Minute Motorsport0-95 L0


The BMW SIM GT Cup will feature 10 races over the course of 2021, split into two seasons. The first five-race season will feature the BMW M8 GTE, while the second will shift to the new BMW M4 GT3 that made its iRacing debut in December. Each race features a mandatory driver changeover and a $4,200 prize pool split among the top three finishers in the top split, with the winning duo taking home $2,400. 2021 Season 1 will conclude on May 16 at the Nurburgring GP-Strecke.

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