Rogers Ends Dominant Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Season With Monza Victory

Saturday’s Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup season finale at Autodromo Nazionale Monza was, when all was said and done, almost a perfect reflection of the 2021 season as a whole. Joshua Rogers’ dominance of the third year of the collaborative World Championship between iRacing and Porsche culminated in his fifth main event victory in 10 rounds, putting an exclamation point on a championship campaign that had already been mathematically confirmed going into the race. The title is Rogers’ second in the series, making him the first driver to accomplish the feat.

“I’m incredibly relieved that I can now officially call myself champion again,” Rogers said after the event. “The season was exhausting, exciting and a real rollercoaster ride. At the first events, my qualifying results weren’t exactly what I’d expected. We worked on this as a team and made huge progress. The better grid positions then helped me to achieve the many successes over the rest of the year. It was great fun, especially after experiencing a really bad season in 2020. I think Mitchell (deJong) and I put on another great show for the fans at the final race.”

Mitchell deJong was second in both the feature race and the championship, leading six of the 14 laps in the main event at Monza while trading the point repeatedly with Rogers up until the final stages. Yohann Harth, fresh off a win in Tuesday’s iRacing Rallycross All-Star Invitational, completed the podium, using that and an eighth place finish in the sprint race to punch his way into the top 20 cutoff to retain his series license for 2022.

Defending series champion Sebastian Job’s rollercoaster 2021 campaign ended on an unfortunate low, with results of 29th in the sprint race and a DNF in the feature that included multiple incidents and at one point a rollover. Job walking out of the finale without any points enabled Charlie Collins, the top qualifier on the day, to steal third in the final standings thanks to top five finishes in both races. Dayne Warren would round out the top five behind Job thanks in part to a sprint race victory earlier in the day.

In the All-Star race that took place before the Supercup finale, Borja Zazo and Emily “Emree” Jones split the sprint and feature victories, while Matt Malone scored runner-up results in both races. Jones took the championship among all drivers in the 10-race campaign for popular iRacing streamers and real-world guest drivers.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature results from Autodromo Nazionale Monza were as follows:










1592Joshua K Rogers1441:50.76270
2624Mitchell deJong14-0.17661:51.18771
3190Yohann Harth14-0.87031:50.58053
4124Salva Talens14-2.86201:50.42446
5793Charlie Collins14-2.94301:50.48266
6949Jamie Fluke14-3.17501:50.42043
7197Jeff Giassi14-7.56301:50.94130
816312Daniel Lafuente14-7.73401:50.94331
91177Jeremy Bouteloup14-8.68301:50.60034
10188Graham Carroll14-8.72601:50.91425
112343Brian Lockwood14-8.96901:50.98320
123115Zac Campbell14-9.09401:50.71418
131558Tommy Østgaard14-9.39601:51.03722
142211Maximilian Benecke14-10.95301:51.03214
15175Martin Krönke14-11.73501:50.79116
162410Jack Sedgwick14-11.75001:50.94510
17330Kevin Ellis Jr14-17.41101:51.35624
1828121Diogo C. Pinto14-22.30101:51.2828
1930119Pekka Tuomainen14-24.38101:50.9257
2026729Maxim Ramsteijn14-24.97001:51.8416
211431David Williams14-31.31901:51.09712
221369Moreno Sirica14-31.91201:50.95012
23416Mack Bakkum14-38.46211:50.66723
242118Sindre Setsaas14-45.07301:51.9152
25857Dayne Warren14-45.27301:50.76734
261047Alejandro Sánchez11-3 L01:50.32011
272733Ricardo Castro Ledo2-12 L00
28291Sebastian Job2-12 L00
292599Mikkel Gade1-13 L00
3020911Ayhancan Guven1-13 L01
312107Tuomas Tähtelä0-14 L014


Final 2021 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points were as follows. The top 20 drivers in the standings will earn automatic qualifying berths for the 2022 series season:

  1. Joshua Rogers, 670
  2. Mitchell deJong, 478
  3. Charlie Collins, 408
  4. Dayne Warren, 380
  5. Kevin Ellis Jr., 373
  6. Sebastian Job, 365
  7. Tommy Ostgaard, 335
  8. Zac Campbell, 329
  9. Maximilian Benecke, 285
  10. Jeremy Bouteloup, 283
  11. Graham Carroll, 282
  12. Alejandro Sanchez, 265
  13. Jamie Fluke, 237
  14. Tuomas Tahtela, 226
  15. Mack Bakkum, 215
  16. Jeff Giassi, 199
  17. Martin Kronke, 188
  18. Diogo Pinto, 163
  19. Yohann Harth, 159
  20. Salva Talens, 155
  21. Sindre Setsaas, 150
  22. Moreno Sirica, 143
  23. Daniel Lafuente, 140
  24. David Williams, 135
  25. Mikkel Gade, 97
  26. Patrik Holzmann, 84
  27. Maxim Ramsteijn, 82
  28. Brian Lockwood, 72
  29. Ayhancan Guven, 54
  30. Josh Thompson, 47
  31. Ricardo Castro Ledo, 35
  32. Jack Sedgwick, 28
  33. Alexander Wolters, 27
  34. Pekka Tuomainen, 25
  35. Christopher Dambietz, 18
  36. Thibault Cazaubon, 17
  37. Ricardo Rico, 8
  38. Matti Kaidesoja, 8
  39. Alexander Thiebe, 3
  40. Carlos Fenollosa, 2

The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Qualifying Series for the 2022 season will take place later this summer. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit