eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Driver Profile: Isaac Gann

Throughout the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series season, we’re going to profile some of the series’ top drivers every week. Be sure to check back each week to see who we’re featuring next! Coming off of the best finish of his rookie season so far at Auto Club Speedway on Tuesday, we’re highlighting 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Series champion Isaac Gann of Kligerman Sport:

Hometown: Senecaville, Ohio

When did you start sim racing? I technically was introduced to racing simulations when I was around 5 years old – my dad and older brother brought home a Logitech MOMO and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, and I watched them play it and tried it a bit myself as a young kid. I didn’t start sim racing as a consistent hobby until 2013, and started an iRacing account in 2014.

Pre-race meal of choice? Typically something filling – I like Mexican food a lot. Many would advise against that type of food for a pre-race meal, but it doesn’t bother me haha.

What’s on your pre-race playlist to get hyped up? I usually don’t listen to music much before races. If I do, its typically something pretty mild. I like classic rock, so some Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Tom Petty might be in the mix. Racing simulations are very technical and calculated by nature, so I try to stay calm and focused going into important races – getting “juiced up” in my opinion just makes you more prone to mistakes and hinders your ability to perform well.

My secret talent is: Public speaking.

My day job is: Current senior in college.

If I had a choice, my super power would be: Be invisible – you can do anything you want when you’re invisible, nobody can catch you!

Do you have any pets? None right now, if I ever get one it would be a golden retriever dog.

How would you describe your driving style? Patiently-aggressive, opportunistic, and calculated. I try not to force too many issues, and strive to seize opportunities when they present themselves. I grew up watching Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, and was always fascinated with how they could “hang around”, keep themselves out of trouble, and then explode to another notch when it came to crunch time. I’ve always tried to mimic that as best I can.

My biggest accomplishment on iRacing is: 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Series Champion

The coolest part of being on my eNASCAR team is: Working with Parker Kligerman, a guy who is super energetic, involved, and brings a ton of real-world insight to me.

When I’m not running in eNASCAR, my favorite cars to run on iRacing are: Road cars like the new Corvette GTE, or dirt late models.

If you could add any non-Cup Series track to the eNASCAR schedule, which would you pick and why? Now that Kentucky Speedway isn’t on the real Cup schedule, I wish they would put that one on! I love the new repaved Kentucky, it perfectly suits how I like to drive the cars. Rockingham would also be cool.

Congratulations! You’ve won the lottery and are going to start a NASCAR Cup Series team. Which driver are you hiring first and why? Chase Elliott – tons of talent, marketability, and he is a young driver who has a whole bunch of years in him.

It’s the season finale and you’re in the Championship 4. Your biggest rival is leading the field to the green flag and you’re starting second. How are you getting the job done? This is a scenario I’ve actually spent a lot of time contemplating before. I used to ask myself if I would wreck someone in the final race to win the $100,000, but I can safely say I’ve answered that question for myself and that would be a no. Reason being is money comes and goes, tangible items come and go, but relationships, respect, and integrity are intangible items that last forever. I would rather win it the right way. As far as the technical side of it goes, I’d probably use the draft and throw a juke on the backstretch, stick my nose in there, and hope it works haha.

Finally, where can we follow you on social media and streaming? @IGann_34 on twitter!

In-sim photo via Justin Melillo