Pietari Poikela and Dominik Hofmann Win Top Split of 2021 iRacing Sebring 12HR

On a massive weekend of racing that saw a whopping 61 splits of racing across four time slots, Pietari Poikela and Dominik Hofmann teamed up to win the top split of the 2021 iRacing Sebring 12HR overall, completing 396 laps and leading 237 of them at Sebring International Raceway on Saturday. The IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship-inspired event ran one week after the real-world race at Sebring, and also preceded the IndyCar iRacing Challenge finale at the track later this week.

Poikela and Hofmann boasted a 46.951-second margin of victory over teammates Marc Elkemann and Patrick Wolf, while Ross Woodford and Josh Lad completed the podium in the Dallara P217 LMP2. Dion Fiallo and Maxime Brent were the only other lead lap finishers in fourth, and combined for 112 laps led of their own. The top qualifiers, a four-car entry shared by Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup drivers Yohann Harth and Kevin Ellis Jr. plus Michele Costantini and Peter Berryman, led 43 laps before contact with a lapped car put an early end to their race.

In the GTE class, Jonas Wallmeier, Maximilian Benecke, and Enzo Bonito teamed up for the top spot, as BMW M8 GTEs swept the podium. Laurin Heinrich and Ryan Barneveld shared the second place car, while Lasse Bak and Martin Christensen teamed up to place third. The GTD victory also went to a BMW team, with Mikkel Gade and Felix Quirmbach winning the class by a lap over the Lamborghini of Lukas Jestadt and Gregory Tanson. Quentiin Vialatte, Scott Andrews, Alexander Wolters, and Maarten van Loozenoord completed the GTD podium.

Full results from the top split of the 2021 iRacing Sebring 12HR were as follows:











1311Team Redline Ice BlueDallara P217LMP23962371:44.512
21217Team Redline PurpleDallara P217LMP2396-46.95101:44.592
3823YAS HEAT MicrosoftDallara P217LMP2396-1:07.77041:44.515
423Mivano Simracing RossoDallara P217LMP2396-1:32.0101121:44.503
56169R8G Esports #8Dallara P217LMP2395-1 L01:44.605
6446YAS HEAT PirelliDallara P217LMP2395-1 L01:44.697
7716Race Clutch #15Dallara P217LMP2395-1 L01:44.589
899Mivano Simracing BiancoDallara P217LMP2395-1 L01:44.653
91156Impulse Racing #56Dallara P217LMP2394-2 L01:44.875
101564Moradness Satellite eStars NeonDallara P217LMP2393-3 L01:45.526
111898Team RSO #98Dallara P217LMP2393-3 L01:45.045
121497Team RSO #97Dallara P217LMP2392-4 L01:45.227
131928WILD ANIMALS .ORCADallara P217LMP2383-13 L01:45.545
142071BMW Team RedlineBMW M8 GTEGTE367-29 L01:54.259
152196BS TURNERBMW M8 GTEGTE367-29 L01:54.363
16231Williams Esports ChillblastBMW M8 GTEGTE367-29 L01:54.374
1726911Porsche24 driven by RedlinePorsche 911 RSRGTE367-29 L01:54.529
1827994Comrade GamingBMW M8 GTEGTE367-29 L01:54.469
192220Team Redline BlueBMW M8 GTEGTE367-29 L01:54.284
2029176SimRC $176BMW M8 GTEGTE366-30 L01:54.830
213015Triple A Esports $218BMW M8 GTEGTE366-30 L01:54.720
222455BMW Team GBBMW M8 GTEGTE365-31 L01:54.493
233126R8G esports Junior 1BMW M8 GTEGTE365-31 L01:54.763
243627Lotema Racing TeamBMW M8 GTEGTE365-31 L01:54.747
253890BS COMPETITIONBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD352-44 L01:59.243
2639452Biela Racing Team EURONICS $GTD IILamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD351-45 L01:59.421
27428R8G Esports #10BMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD351-45 L01:59.317
2844178Maniti Racing GTDLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD351-45 L01:59.534
294510DV1 TRITON RacingBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD351-45 L01:59.492
30406Vendaval Simracing BlueBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD351-45 L01:59.414
31432Team Fordzilla KiwiBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD350-46 L01:59.487
32505CoRe SimRacingBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD350-46 L01:59.620
334819Ronin SimSportLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD350-46 L01:59.625
345521MSI eSports RedLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD349-47 L01:59.655
35257Team BMW BankBMW M8 GTEGTE301-95 L01:54.462
364676SimRC $76BMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD261-135 L01:59.578
3710404R8G Esports Junior 2Dallara P217LMP2254-142 L01:44.694
3835276SimRC $276BMW M8 GTEGTE247-149 L01:54.924
3916117Puresims EsportsDallara P217LMP2238-158 L01:44.847
403713Vendaval Simracing GreenBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD228-168 L01:59.295
412843Logitech G Altus EsportsChevrolet Corvette C8.R GTEGTE214-182 L01:54.721
4254453Biela Racing Team EURONICS $GTD IIILamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD212-184 L01:59.621
4347451Biela Racing Team EURONICS $GTD ILamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD190-206 L01:59.458
443425DRS Wave Italy GTLM #1Porsche 911 RSRGTE159-237 L01:55.492
45545YAS HEAT Richard MilleDallara P217LMP284-312 L01:44.654
461718Williams Esports FanatecDallara P217LMP24-392 L0
47172Apex Racing TeamDallara P217LMP20-396 L43
48534MAHLE RACING TEAMLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD0-396 L0
493324Triple A esports #2BMW M8 GTEGTE0-396 L0
501312Triple A Esports $3Dallara P217LMP20-396 L0
514189BMW Team BS COMPETITIONBMW M4 GT3 – PrototypeGTD0-396 L0
523278Maniti Racing BlueBMW M8 GTEGTE0-396 L0
535122SRC Squadra CorseLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD0-396 L0
545214MSI eSports BlueLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD0-396 L0
5549116Puresims EsportsLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD0-396 L0


The iRacing special events calendar continues on April 11 with the first annual North Wilkesboro Throwback Cup, which will see the 1987 NASCAR Cup Series Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Monte Carlo take on the historic .625-mile oval. Sports car special events result on April 23-25 with the Nurburging 24HR, while the IMSA setup of LMP2, GTE, and GTD cars return for the Watkins Glen 6HR in late June. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit www.iracing.com.

Image via Team Redline