Verstappen, Bonito Take Top Honors in 2021 iRacing Bathurst 12HR Top Split

Team Redline’s Max Verstappen and Enzo Bonito dominated the top split of the 2021 iRacing Bathurst 12HR on Saturday, thoroughly beating more than 50 of iRacing’s top endurance racing teams in the once-around-the-clock battle of GT3 cars at Mount Panorama Circuit. The duo completed 344 laps and led all but 12 of them, finishing as the only car on the lead lap in the highest split of the weekend.

Fellow Team Redline drivers Jeffrey Rietveld and Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola finished second in the top split, while the Logitech G Altus Esports duo of Cooper Webster and Jordan Caruso completed the podium. Just six cars finished within a lap of the leader, with the charge of URANO eSports drivers Louis Nahser and Daniel Pasztor from 23rd on the grid to fifth at the finish marking the most positions gained among them. Of the 55 teams entered in the top split, 31 were still running at the finish.

The 2021 iRacing Bathurst 12HR featured an expansion from two race times to four to accommodate more drivers at more race times. When all was said and done, 56 total splits were created, each with at least 48 cars, and well over 6,500 drivers took part in the various splits.

Top split results from the 2021 iRacing Bathurst 12HR were as follows:











1133Team Redline OrangeAudiGT33443322:01.555
2387Team Redline Ice BlueAudiGT3343-1 L22:02.136
3643Logitech G Altus EsportsBMWGT3343-1 L12:02.265
4924Inertia SimRacing EURORC.COMAudiGT3343-1 L02:02.118
52393URANO eSportsAudiGT3343-1 L02:02.253
67451Biela Racing Team EURONICS IAudiGT3343-1 L62:02.100
7490BS COMPETITIONBMWGT3343-1 L02:02.203
81271BMW Team RedlineBMWGT3342-2 L02:02.122
92791BS COMPETITIONBMWGT3342-2 L12:02.605
1014116Puresims Esports #116AudiGT3342-2 L02:02.641
113111YAS HEATBMWGT3342-2 L02:02.712
122876SimRC Titan $Bathurst12hLamborghiniGT3342-2 L02:02.646
134715Ronin SimSportLamborghiniGT3342-2 L02:02.516
1424453Biela Racing Team EURONICS IIIAudiGT3342-2 L02:02.698
151089BMW Team BS COMPETITIONBMWGT3342-2 L02:02.119
1633178Maniti RacingAudiGT3342-2 L02:02.832
17176DV1 TRITON RacingBMWGT3342-2 L02:02.668
183716HM EngineeringBMWGT3341-3 L02:02.850
192917R8G esports #JuniorBMWGT3341-3 L02:02.723
20197Team BMW BankBMWGT3341-3 L02:02.653
214013Vendaval Simracing PinkAudiGT3340-4 L02:02.559
222010R8G eSports #10AudiGT3340-4 L02:02.162
233588VRS Coanda Simsport $88BMWGT3340-4 L02:02.666
245212Race Clutch GT3LamborghiniGT3338-6 L02:03.168
253255Star Motorsport BlueAudiGT3337-7 L02:02.993
264973RLR Abruzzi eSports BlackBMWGT3337-7 L02:03.373
274875Divena e-sportsAudiGT3336-8 L02:02.831
2815707KOVABMWGT3334-10 L02:03.066
2930117Puresims EsportsAudiGT3333-11 L02:02.641
3051148Team Heusinkveld #148FerrariGT3332-12 L02:03.244
314483ASTRO Gaming Altus EsportsBMWGT3331-13 L02:03.597
32464#R4RMotorsportBMWGT3308-36 L02:03.152
3382R8G Esports #8BMWGT3274-70 L02:02.384
343866Cube Controls Altus EsportsBMWGT3183-161 L02:02.481
352270IndiGO Team RedlineAudiGT3183-161 L02:02.678
36263Team Fordzilla KiwiBMWGT3149-195 L02:02.752
3742454Biela Racing Team EURONICS IVAudiGT3112-232 L02:03.538
3813504Team Fordzilla PulposBMWGT3108-236 L02:02.580
3929Williams EsportsAudiGT3107-237 L02:01.688
405031Super Gojira RacingAudiGT393-251 L02:03.626
414118Precision Racing eSports #111BMWGT388-256 L02:02.401
42164Triple A Esports $218BMWGT388-256 L02:02.141
4311452Biela Racing Team EURONICS IIAudiGT369-275 L02:02.316
4443176SimRC Carbon $Bathurst12hBMWGT322-322 L02:03.429
453419AXA SimSport $148BMWGT30-344 L0
4754311Comrade GamingLamborghiniGT30-344 L0
4845219Triple A Esports $219BMWGT30-344 L0
50181URANO eSports HUAWEIBMWGT30-344 L0
512155BMW Team GBBMWGT30-344 L0
523942RevolutionSimRacing YellowFerrariGT30-344 L0
545344Orion Race Team #044BMWGT30-344 L0
555527WILD ANIMALS .ORCAFerrariGT30-344 L0


The 2021 iRacing special event schedule continues this weekend with the return of the BMW Sim GT Cup at Suzuka International Racing Circuit, while the iRacing Sebring 12HR on March 26-28 returns endurance racers to the cars of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and marks the next 12-hour event on the schedule. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit

Image via Justin Prince