Job Scores Second Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Win of 2021 at Silverstone

Sebastian Job’s quest to score his second consecutive Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup title is back on track after Saturday. Job became the first repeat winner of both the 2021 season, and in the series’ history at Silverstone Circuit, when he took the checkered flag in the feature race in spite of an early-race incident with Tommy Ostgaard.

Entering the weekend nearly 90 points behind points leader and 2019 series champion Joshua Rogers thanks to a 24th place result last weekend at Imola, Job looked to replicate his podium finishes at the famed British circuit in each of the past two years. He qualified third and finished fourth in the sprint race, before quickly working his way up to second behind Ostgaard after the eight-car invert at the front of the final grid.

The duo would make contact, allowing Rogers to take the lead and Mack Bakkum to slot into second as Job fell to third and Ostgaard would fall to the fringe of the top 10. Job would track down Bakkum and make the pass for second again on Lap 7, and a lap later, would find his way ahead of Rogers for good. The Australian would put on a spirited challenge, but would eventually fall just .290 seconds short in the closest finish yet in 2021.

The podium would hold in place for the rest of the race, with Graham Carroll and rookie Charlie Collins settling into the top five at roughly the same time and sprint race winner Mitchell deJong holding onto sixth at the end of the lead pack, which was separated by just over a second. Subsequent trouble for Ostgaard would drop him to a disappointing 26th at race’s end.

Prior to the main show, the Porsche All-Star Race shifted to the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport for the first time on Saturday. In a high-attrition pair of events, P.O. “Depielo” Valette took the sprint race victory, but it was Emily “Emree” Jones who tracked down Jaroslav Honzik in the second half of the feature to earn that victory.

Full results from the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature at Silverstone Circuit were as follows:










151Sebastian Job1472:04.16974
2792Joshua K Rogers14-0.29042:04.51167
3216Mack Bakkum14-0.62702:04.43654
438Graham Carroll14-0.78002:04.50952
5493Charlie Collins14-0.85402:04.37752
6824Mitchell deJong14-1.01402:04.48766
71030Kevin Ellis Jr14-5.10302:04.42739
814107Tuomas Tähtelä14-5.19902:04.29033
91277Jeremy Bouteloup14-5.35202:04.51333
101327Patrik Holzmann14-10.42902:04.36730
112751Josh Thompson14-10.73802:04.45820
1220121Diogo C. Pinto14-11.28302:04.65119
131713Alexander Wolters14-12.31702:04.56120
142299Mikkel Gade14-15.04002:04.75314
153549Jamie Fluke14-16.40502:04.70412
161633Ricardo Castro Ledo14-16.52002:04.28715
171869Moreno Sirica14-17.53302:04.37612
184050Ricardo  Rico14-22.45302:04.9938
1929110Christopher Dambietz14-22.75202:04.4337
20305Martin Krönke14-22.85002:04.4836
2136729Maxim Ramsteijn14-22.95602:04.6845
223443Brian Lockwood14-25.69202:05.0644
2339211Thibault Cazaubon14-25.94602:04.1013
2428119Pekka Tuomainen14-26.08002:05.1522
2523312Daniel Lafuente14-26.50602:05.0281
26158Tommy Østgaard14-28.33332:05.13217
272404Salva Talens14-33.92202:04.4840
28657Dayne Warren14-40.57102:04.45128
2911911Ayhancan Guven14-52.15002:04.42310
303828Carlos  Fenollosa14-1:12.70202:05.0900
313731David Williams13-1 L02:05.4130
32911Maximilian Benecke12-2 L02:04.95412
332690Yohann Harth10-4 L02:04.3270
343147Alejandro Sánchez9-5 L02:04.7200
351518Sindre Setsaas9-5 L02:04.4796
361942Matti Kaidesoja6-8 L02:05.5262
373215Zac Campbell3-11 L02:07.3230
383312Alexander Thiebe3-11 L02:05.8650
392110Jack Sedgwick3-11 L02:07.3440
40257Jeff Giassi1-13 L00


Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points through four rounds are as follows:

  1. Joshua Rogers, 265
  2. Mitchell deJong, 227
  3. Sebastian Job, 183
  4. Dayne Warren, 173
  5. Kevin Ellis Jr., 166
  6. Charlie Collins, 158
  7. Maximilian Benecke, 151
  8. Mack Bakkum, 135
  9. Graham Carroll/Alejandro Sanchez (tie), 126

The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup is off next week before returning to action on February 20 at Road Atlanta, as points leader Rogers looks to replicate last year’s victory in the series’ lone American round. As always, coverage kicks off at 1PM ET with the All-Star action, and continues with the sim racing pros at 2PM ET. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit

All-Star Race image via Justin Prince