Bergeron Makes History With Third iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Title as Ryan Wins Charlotte Finale

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be your night to still be your year.

Tim Ryan posted a dominant victory in Monday’s iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car World Championship finale from The Dirt Track at Charlotte, taking his second victory of the season and first since the series’ visit to Knoxville Raceway in November. But it was Alex Bergeron who, with a fourth place finish, locked up his third consecutive series title, earning $10,000 once again as champion by preserving most of his 30-point advantage over race and series runner-up Hayden Cardwell.

With the odds stacked against him all night, Cardwell had to have a flawless event, on top of hoping that Bergeron would make a similar mistake to the one Cardwell made last week at Williams Grove Speedway. To his credit, the Tennessee native was back on form, qualifying fourth, winning the final heat to line up there for the main, and immediately jumping past Gregory Lamey and Kendal Tucker to run second throughout the feature.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough on its own. Bergeron qualified seventh and finished second in his heat, and briefly fell to the edge of the top 10 in the feature, but climbed into the top five before the first caution. Needing only to avoid a wreck, he managed to make it up to third place around James Edens, but Edens would reclaim the final podium position in the race’s closing laps. Nonetheless, Bergeron only yielded seven points of his incoming cushion in spite of the results.

Tucker would drop to eighth in the feature, but maintained third in points over Edens and Ryan. Tyler Schell and Cameron Merriman, two first-time winners this season, were sixth and seventh in the final season standings, while Nick Cooper, Tyler Ducharme, and Austen Semmelmann completed the top 10. In the battle for the final license spot for next season, Rusty Kruger successfully extended his incoming one-point advantage over Mason Hannagan to six to return to the World Championship ranks next winter.

iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car World Championship results from The Dirt Track at Charlotte were as follows:










1198Tim Ryan353513.75278
2422Hayden Cardwell35-0.751013.96075
31052James Edens35-1.449014.12970
4712Alex A Bergeron35-2.451014.08868
5817Cameron Merriman35-2.607014.15365
6685Tyler Schell35-3.258014.18162
7541Logan Rumsey35-4.925014.19359
8300Kendal Tucker35-5.935014.29457
91935Nick Cooper35-6.075014.03649
10299Gregory Lamey35-6.175014.23551
111210Rusty L Kruger35-7.929014.23847
122091Anthony Jobe35-8.736014.24343
13161Mason Hannagan35-8.865014.15042
14918Austen Semmelmann35-8.883014.23841
15158Cole Neuhalfen35-9.443014.03338
161427Colton Davis35-9.478014.10036
17133Lewis Hewett35-9.792014.35034
181871Cole V Cabre35-21 L014.12130
191174Adam Elby35-26 L014.26931
201737Zane Scott35-26 L014.15527


Final 2020-21 iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car World Championship points are as follows:

  1. Alex Bergeron, 725
  2. Hayden Cardwell, 702
  3. Kendal Tucker, 579
  4. James Edens, 557
  5. Tim Ryan, 554
  6. Tyler Schell, 534
  7. Cameron Merriman, 521
  8. Nick Cooper, 497
  9. Tyler Ducharme, 406
  10. Austen Semmelmann, 397
  11. Cole Cabre, 383
  12. Braden Eyler, 379
  13. Adam Elby, 376
  14. JD Brown, 331
  15. Rusty Kruger, 297
  16. Mason Hannagan, 291
  17. Colton Davis, 268
  18. Cole Neuhalfen, 263
  19. Logan Rumsey, 228
  20. Shae Paulo, 221
  21. Alex Smolders, 216
  22. Zane Scott, 201
  23. Lewis Hewett, 182
  24. Colton Hardy, 164
  25. Anthony Jobe, 150
  26. Daniel Gow, 148
  27. Gregory Lamey, 140
  28. Dustin Griffitts, 118
  29. Dillon Semmelmann, 99
  30. Brett Wheeler, 96
  31. Joshua Steinke, 91
  32. Dylan Schiebel, 51
  33. John Battista, 44
  34. Ryan Mayr, 29
  35. Cobe Stidham, 7

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