2020 Season 4 Week 13 Starts Tonight!

From our newest content to some of the most off-the wall racing combinations imaginable, Week 13 is a showcase of some of the most fun series the iRacing team can come up with. Here’s a look at what’s coming this week:

New Content/Features Series (all Unofficial/Fun unless otherwise noted)

  • 13th Week Shiny New Shakedown: 25 minute races featuring the new Dallara iR-01
  • 13th Week Tin Top Tussle: 15-minute sprint races featuring GT3s
  • 13th Week Muddy Mess: Big Block Modifieds at Cedar Lake
  • 13th Week Beach Vaycay: Skip Barber Formula 2000 at Long Beach
  • 13th Week Ridiculousness: Official series featuring Pro 2 Lite at tracks from all four license classes, and iRating/Safety Rating per track type

Official Series


  • 13th Week Street Stock Challenge
  • NASCAR iRacing Class C Fixed


  • 13th Week Mazda Cup
  • 13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge
  • 13th Week Porsche Cup Series

Dirt Oval

  • 13th Week Dirt Street Stock Challenge
  • 13th Week DIRTCar UMP Modified Fixed

Dirt Road

  • 13th Week iRacing Rallycross Series
  • 13th Week iRacing Pro 2 Lite

Unofficial/Fun Series


  • Pickup Cup
  • Dallara Dash
  • Carburetor Cup


  • 13th Week Figure GR8 (RX cars at Irwindale with new jump on Figure 8 layout)
  • 13th Week Tube Frame Twister
  • 13th Week Battle of the Little Wings