Charlotte and Brands Hatch Rallycross Layouts Coming in 2021 Season 1

As revealed during the season finale of the iRacing Rallycross World Championship presented by Yokohama on Saturday afternoon, iRacing will welcome two new rallycross layouts in time for 2021 Season 1. A new Charlotte Motor Speedway layout will be available free to all users, while a new configuration at Brands Hatch Circuit will be available as an update to all users who already own the track, as well as any users who purchase it after the fact.

While both circuits have hosted rallycross in the real world, the iRacing layouts at each track were designed and built by the iRacing team. The Charlotte layout incorporates elements of the track’s popular Roval, while the Brands Hatch layout blends elements of its classic rallycross circuit with new sections.

Both tracks will immediately join the iRacing Rallycross Series for 2021 Season 1, as well as the 13th Week iRacing Rallycross Series for users to get their first taste of the tracks. Each circuit will also be a part of the 2021 iRacing Rallycross World Championship.