Tahtela, Alander Lead Kova Esports to BMW SIM 120 Cup win at Road Atlanta

Tuomas Tahtela and Valtteri Alander qualified on pole and took the checkered flag in the top split of Sunday’s BMW SIM 120 Cup race at Road Atlanta, the fifth of six special events in the 2020 series. The duo turned the fastest lap of the race on just the second lap, and combined to lead all but seven of the 94 circuits that were completed.

VRS Coanda Simsport drivers Tommy Ostgaard and Dayne Warren teamed up to finish second, while MSI eSports’ entry for Alejandro Sanchez and Salva Talens led two laps and completed the podium. The only other lap leader on the day was the Apex Racing Team entry of Jamie Fluke and Antoine Higelin, which led five, but suffered a disappointing DNF and was scored 45th. In total, 23 of the 52 cars to start the top split completed every lap, with another 11 drivers scored just one lap down.

Full results from the top split of Sunday’s BMW Sim 120 Cup at Road Atlanta were as follows:









11707KOVA #19408701:15.4
228VRS Coanda Simsport $894-7.143001:15.6
310474MSi eSports 12094-10.411201:15.7
41783ASTRO Gaming Altus Esports94-14.791001:15.6
5141R8G Esports #194-16.195001:15.8
644Triple A Esports Black94-18.863001:15.8
71674Team Redline Red94-19.551001:15.7
8951Vendaval Simracing Yellow94-21.707001:15.6
9136Vendaval Simracing Pink94-24.234001:15.7
102071Team Redline Blue94-28.707001:15.5
1183Williams Esports Fanatec94-32.171001:15.9
12572Team Redline Orange94-32.867001:15.8
13117BS COMPETITION94-41.169001:15.5
142590URANO eSports HUAWEI94-42.644001:16.0
152611ALIEN ZADROTTI94-45.382001:16.0
161986Williams Esports BenQ94-46.587001:16.0
1718210Triple A Esports White94-46.919001:15.9
182878Ronin SimSport94-50.541001:16.0
192318VRS Coanda Simsport $1894-51.32001:15.9
20342Williams Esports Chillblast94-56.943001:15.7
211543Logitech G Altus Esports94-59.427001:15.7
2236159HM Engineering #15994-1:17.729001:16.1
2362R8G Esports #294-1:19.084001:15.8
243259HM Engineering #5993-1 L001:16.2
252912REDFACE RACING BY JRT93-1 L001:16.0
261298Team RLL93-1 L001:16.2
272481VRS Coanda Simsport $8193-1 L001:16.2
282766Evolution Racing Team #2693-1 L001:16.1
293127WILD ANIMALS .ORCA93-1 L001:15.9
303414Wicked Motorsports93-1 L001:16.0
313058BS NXT93-1 L001:15.8
32354BR Competition Black93-1 L001:16.3
334428Volante Racing GTE93-1 L001:16.4
343823Speed Monkeys eSports93-1 L001:16.6
35409OutBrake SimRacing #992-2 L001:16.4
3643762Team Down Under Quokka92-2 L001:16.8
373716Team Vikings92-2 L001:16.4
383938OutBrake SimRacing #3892-2 L001:16.5
394619Imperial Motorsports – Magic Man92-2 L001:16.7
404817Low Grip Racing Team Green92-2 L001:17.0
414525BMW 120 Motorsport #212592-2 L001:16.9
424220NSR RED – SIM-PERFORMANCE.COM91-3 L001:16.5
434915Ascari Autosport91-3 L001:16.6
445122Bald Eagle Racing90-4 L001:17.0
45799Apex Racing Team $9987-7 L501:15.7
464121Turn 3 Motorsport61-33 L001:16.4
4747113CGB eSports60-34 L001:17.0
4821777KOVA #20-94 L0
502210Triple A eSports Green0-94 L0
51505URANO eSports HP0-94 L0
5252365Team Vikings – Odin0-94 L0


The final BMW Sim 120 Cup round of the year takes place at Interlagos on November 8. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit www.iracing.com.