Three New Road Racing Series Coming to 2020 Season 4!

Road racers looking for more opportunities to get behind the wheel, you’re in luck! Three different series will join the roster for 2020 Season 4, giving GTE, GT3, and touring car drivers more opportunities to hit the track in their favorite cars. From urgent sprint races in the Touring Car Challenge and return of the Ferrari GT3 Challenge, to the strategic test of will and stamina for single drivers that is the GT Endurance Series, here’s what iRacers have to look forward to in the coming season:

Touring Car Challenge

Touring car racing is some of the most popular circuit racing in the world, and the Audi RS3 LMS is a global favorite of drivers and fans alike. Get behind the wheel for 15 exciting minutes of racing on some of the world’s most fun and famous race tracks and see if you’ve got what it takes to bring it home! This series runs hourly and is open to Class D license holders and up.

Ferrari GT3 Challenge

Few brands in the automotive world are as iconic as Ferrari, and the famed prancing horse has adorned some of the world’s most legendary racecars. The Ferrari 488 GT3 has competed around the world and taken plenty of impressive victories along the way. Back by popular demand, now’s your chance to put this fine piece of Italian engineering to the test in a series of sprint races. This series runs hourly and is open to Class D license holders and up.

GT Endurance Series

Featuring some of the world’s most iconic GTE cars, the GT Endurance Series sees these endurance racing machines take on 90 minutes of action at marquee tracks around the world. From historic European circuits to the fun and exciting rounds in North America, the combination of these cars, tracks, and race length will put even the best road racers to the test.

The GT Endurance Series will serve as iRacing’s single-driver endurance racing series beginning with Season 4. It will follow the iRacing Le Mans Series schedule, alternating every two weeks with the Endurance Le Mans Series.