Sanchez Scores First Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Win at Silverstone; Benecke Breaks 11,000 iRating

It was a massive day for all three podium finishers in the main event of Saturday’s Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup round at Silverstone Circuit. Alejandro Sanchez scored his first career main event victory and the first-ever iRacing World Championship win for a Spanish driver, Maximilian Benecke became the first driver in iRacing history to crack an 11,000 iRating in any license class, and defending Silverstone winner Sebastian Job rode a third place finish to the championship lead.

“It feels awesome to finally get a win after so much time in this championship and with such a high level field,” said Sanchez. “I’ve always liked Silverstone—I’ve always been quick here, and we’ve done a great job with the car. I just focused on keeping the tires in check and not making mistakes, keeping Max in check, but it was close.”

“Hitting that 11K mark is really great, and it was a great race,” added Benecke. “I tried to fight as much as I could to keep P2, and it worked out in the end. Hitting the 10K mark, to me I felt I was done, but we kept going onwards and it went up and up, and I don’t even know when that was. Silverstone is quite tricky, it’s hard to stick with the guy in front and you have a lot of dirty air, so you need to wait for a mistake. Alejandro did a very good job of not making a mistake—for 25 minutes or so, I was waiting and waiting, but I’m happy for a P2.”

Jeremy Bouteloup won the 15-minute sprint race by less than a second over Sanchez and Benecke to set up the feature, with Patrik Holzmann and Job completing the top five. All three podium finishers would get past the French driver on the very first lap of the main event, and held those positions throughout; most of the top 10 finishers were able to settle into their eventual finishing spots early on. Holzmann would defend the final spot in the top five from promising rookie Jeff Giassi, who climbed from ninth on the feature grid to sixth.

Incoming points leader Joshua Rogers would post the top qualifying time at Silverstone before the eight-car invert for the sprint race, and lined up seventh on the feature grid. Rogers’ chase for the overall win, however, would come to an early end after an incident that also involved Graham Carroll. Rogers would fight his way back to 17th at race’s end, falling to fourth in the standings, while Carroll would have to settle for 24th as his hard-luck season continues.

That shook up the points chase in a big way through four rounds, as Job inherited the top spot and now holds an 18-point lead over Benecke. Sanchez climbed to third, just three more points off the top spot, while Rogers slid to fourth. Rookie Dayne Warren completes the top five after another top-10 performance, finishing ninth at Silverstone.

“I’m quite happy with that—it was quite a different approach to previous rounds,” Job explained. “We went for it in qualifying, and then tried to make up places in the race, and it went pretty well. Obviously it’s not as good as a win, but I was happy with the pace, and I think that there was something to learn from the second race. It was a good, fun two races, and I really enjoyed it.”

Full results from the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature at Silverstone Circuit were as follows:










1247Alejandro Sánchez15152:02.97572
2311Maximilian Benecke15-0.34702:03.00569
3522Sebastian Job15-0.74302:02.74964
412Jeremy Bouteloup15-2.87802:03.08962
5427Patrik Holzmann15-3.5502:03.27652
697Jeff Giassi15-4.12602:03.01143
71198Kevin Ellis Jr15-4.67702:03.00638
81033Ricardo Castro Ledo15-4.99202:02.91037
9857Dayne Warren15-5.71902:02.93739
101431David Williams15-10.01502:03.29929
111343Brian Lockwood15-10.77102:03.64328
12183Sindre Setsaas15-11.21102:03.42821
1312110Christopher Dambietz15-11.63502:03.52825
141516Mack Bakkum15-13.89502:03.26320
151649Jamie Fluke15-14.12302:03.57717
161783Bobby Zalenski15-14.47302:03.30914
17792Joshua K Rogers15-14.77802:02.83133
182518Antoine Higelin15-15.30902:03.4058
192724Mitchell deJong15-15.51702:03.5267
201929Carl E Jansson15-20.10902:03.8478
2129211Thibault Cazaubon15-20.83802:03.7775
222628Alexander Thiebe15-21.09202:03.6934
23325Martin Krönke15-21.1502:03.7463
24621Graham Carroll15-21.32902:03.64723
253523Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola15-22.93602:03.5901
2630107Tuomas Tähtelä15-29.75202:03.9800
273336Joshua W Anderson15-32.28802:04.0620
282012Marcus Jensen15-33.91102:03.6801
293471Jonas Wallmeier15-35.47302:04.3610
302110Jack Sedgwick15-35.82202:04.1430
31364Marin S Colak15-47.11602:04.3470
322394Jarrad Filsell14-1 L02:03.4310
333114Marc Perez6-9 L02:03.9730
342258Tommy Østgaard4-11 L00
352490Yohann Harth3-12 L00
362842Matti Kaidesoja1-14 L00


The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup season continues on August 1 at Road Atlanta, the only American circuit on this year’s calendar. As always, the race can be seen live at 10AM ET on the iRacing eSports Network on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit