VRS Coanda Simsport Takes iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring

Continuing its dominance of iRacing special events, VRS Coanda Simsport backed up its top split victory in January’s 24 Hours of Daytona with another victory in the 12 Hours of Sebring on Saturday. This time, it was 24 Hours of Daytona winner Joshua Rogers teaming up with Mack Bakkum to lead 260 of 377 laps in the premier event to score a decisive victory over the Apex Racing Team trio of Peter Berryman, Kevin Ellis Jr., and Zac Campbell.

The pole-winning Coanda duo of Mitchell deJong and Jeremy Bouteloup completed the podium, scoring the final lead-lap finishing position after leading the first 81 laps of the race and 94 overall. Coanda and Apex entries completed the top five, and no other teams finished within two laps of the overall win.

In GTE, a thrilling battle between Red Bull Racing Esports and Team Redline ended in favor of the former, with Sebastian Job pressuring Maximilian Benecke and making the decisive pass with less than an hour remaining to take the class win in the #2 BMW M8 GTE. However, it was Porsche that dominated the top 10 spots in class, as its 911 RSRs took seven of the top 10 spots in class compared to three for BMW.

Vendaval Simracing had a strong showing in both GT classes, completing the GTE podium but winning the GT3 class with the duo of Max Esterson and Hayden Berns. Black Star Racing and CoRe SimRacing completed the podium as Audis swept the top 10 GT3 finishing positions.

A total of 31 splits were contested over the weekend, with four in the early event and a whopping 27 running throughout the day Saturday to combine for well over 1,500 team entries.

Top split results from the 2020 iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring were as follows:











138VRS Coanda Simsport $8Corvette C7 DPDP37702601:50.804
2491Apex Racing Team #91Corvette C7 DPDP377-1:23.74131:51.270
3118VRS Coanda Simsport $18Corvette C7 DPDP377-1:28.660941:51.187
4590Apex Racing Team #90Corvette C7 DPDP376-1 L201:51.557
5681VRS Coanda Simsport $81Corvette C7 DPDP376-1 L01:51.445
62333Mivano Simracing C7DPCorvette C7 DPDP375-2 L01:51.373
71078LEO RACING TEAM DP1Corvette C7 DPDP374-3 L01:51.687
812117Team RSO #117Corvette C7 DPDP373-4 L01:51.663
911127AlpineEagleRacingCorvette C7 DPDP372-5 L01:52.041
10147DRS Wave Italy DP #1Corvette C7 DPDP372-5 L01:52.651
11948Powerslide MotorsportsCorvette C7 DPDP371-6 L01:52.428
121316LEO RACING TEAM DP2Corvette C7 DPDP369-8 L01:52.478
131779CTC Racing BlackCorvette C7 DPDP368-9 L01:52.343
14192Red Bull Racing EsportsBMW M8 GTEGTE364-13 L01:55.339
15181Team Redline BlackPorsche 911 RSRGTE364-13 L01:55.267
162042Vendaval Simracing BluePorsche 911 RSRGTE363-14 L01:55.624
173186Williams Esports BenQPorsche 911 RSRGTE363-14 L01:55.972
182414MSI eSports GTEPorsche 911 RSRGTE363-14 L01:55.897
19213Triple A Esports BlackPorsche 911 RSRGTE363-14 L01:55.654
203532Radicals Online Trak RacerBMW M8 GTEGTE362-15 L01:55.983
212272Team Redline GreenPorsche 911 RSRGTE362-15 L01:55.687
2234211Triple A Esports WhitePorsche 911 RSRGTE362-15 L01:55.938
23305MAHLE RACING TEAMBMW M8 GTEGTE362-15 L01:55.972
2423911Porsche24 driven by RedlinePorsche 911 RSRGTE362-15 L01:55.496
253223Positive SimRacing #27BMW M8 GTEGTE361-16 L01:55.886
262799Apex Racing Team #99Porsche 911 RSRGTE361-16 L01:55.826
2725334Mivano Simracing Team GTEPorsche 911 RSRGTE361-16 L01:55.636
282813CoRe SimRacing GTE #13Porsche 911 RSRGTE361-16 L01:55.971
292925MOTUL IMSA TEAMBMW M8 GTEGTE358-19 L01:56.061
303724Vendaval Simracing GreenAudi R8 LMSGT3352-25 L01:59.091
313910Black Star RacingAudi R8 LMSGT3351-26 L01:59.365
32434CoRe SimRacing GT3Audi R8 LMSGT3351-26 L01:59.252
334737SIMMSA Esports GT3 BlueAudi R8 LMSGT3351-26 L01:59.740
344512S2V EsportsAudi R8 LMSGT3350-27 L01:59.733
35496Orion Race Team HPPAudi R8 LMSGT3350-27 L01:59.377
364866Team Fordzilla GT3Audi R8 LMSGT3350-27 L01:59.308
374676MSI eSports GT3Audi R8 LMSGT3350-27 L01:59.648
3854451Biela Racing Team EURONICS GT3 IAudi R8 LMSGT3349-28 L01:59.092
394427SRC Squadra Corse BlackAudi R8 LMSGT3349-28 L01:59.734
40534#R4RMotorsportMercedes AMG GT3GT3348-29 L02:00.314
41830SIMMSA Esports DP BlackCorvette C7 DPDP328-49 L01:51.232
4236309Williams Esports ChillblastAudi R8 LMSGT3295-82 L01:59.095
433343Logitech G Altus EsportsBMW M8 GTEGTE286-91 L01:55.927
444111RaceKraft Esports YellowAudi R8 LMSGT3274-103 L01:59.332
452689BS COMPETITIONBMW M8 GTEGTE230-147 L01:55.808
4650888No Nonsense Racing #888Audi R8 LMSGT3218-159 L02:00.121
471651World of SimRacing TeamCorvette C7 DPDP192-185 L01:52.586
484015Simucube ineX RacingAudi R8 LMSGT3186-191 L01:59.220
49793Drivex eSports Scalpers TeamCorvette C7 DPDP164-213 L01:51.470
501547DRS WAVE ITALY DP #2Corvette C7 DPDP92-285 L01:52.333
514273Pure Racing Team GT3Audi R8 LMSGT30-377 L0
52389Vendaval Simracing WhiteAudi R8 LMSGT30-377 L0
5352303Mivano Simracing GT3Audi R8 LMSGT30-377 L0
545169Devotion Simracing #69Mercedes AMG GT3GT30-377 L0


Following the 2020 iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring, sports car special events resume on iRacing on Sunday with the IMSA 90 Minutes of Sebring. Modeled after the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge and featuring the Audi RS 3 LMS TCR and all-new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport, the 90 Minutes of Sebring allows iRacers to tackle the iconic Florida track with a solo sports car event. The next iRacing endurance event will be the 24 Hours Nurburgring on April 25-26, as GT3, GT4, and TCR vehicles will go around the clock twice on the Gesamtstrecke 24H layout, which combines the iconic Nordschleife with the track’s current Grand Prix layout.