Bathurst 12 Hour Racing For Team 885 Laps@iRacing

Laps @iRacing Bathurst 12Hr

This was my first time driving as a member of a team in an iRacing Special Event a big shout out to my teammates Justin Talent and Justin Clayton.  With special mention to Alwin Reid from Laps@iRacing  for providing an excellent setup for the car.


Justing Talent was giving the reigns of the Laps@iRacing Ferrari and put in a time of 2:01:987 which put us in 23rd position couple of seconds of the pole but only 8 tenths of a top 10 so the field was pretty tight and put us in the top half of the 52 car field.


Justing Talent had the tough job of starting the car and dodge any accidents that came his way.  He put in a good first stint completing 33 laps and brought the car into the pits with only minor damage to the rear after another competitor rear-ended the car.  Thankfully the damage didn’t hurt the pace of the car.

I jumped in for the second stint and after the chaos that was Justin’s first stint,  I had a nice clear track in front and behind me so I can concentrate on the racing line and reeling off consistent lap times.  The car had plenty of pace and we were starting to move up through the field.  During the pitstop, I was to hand the car over to Justin Talent but network issues meant I was off to do a second stint.

Again the car had plenty of pace and it was starting to become evident that a top ten was on the cards for the team.  The car had plenty of pace and seemed to be doing better on fuel than the Mercs in the field.  After another uneventful stint, it was time to hand the car over to Justin Clayton and Justin Talent as they were sharing the stint duties during the early and mid-afternoon sessions.

During these sessions, the car in the hands of Justin Clayton was consistently one of the top 5 cars for lap speed and it looked that a top 10 was a lock if we didn’t get involved in any issues and potentially a top 5 was on the cards.  Justin Talent’s ability to save fuel but also feature prominently with quick lap times was helping us to make our last stint a quick one.

I jumped in for my final stint and again the car was extremely quick compared to the other cars around us.  It looked like we were in a battle with the Pattman Motorsport Merc for a potential top 5-6 place finish.  I was ahead of them after the pitstops but got stuck behind slower traffic and lost the position.  I handed the car over to Justin Clayton for the last 2 stints and to bring the car home.

Justin again drove the wheels off the car and again was consistently top 3 cars on pace after our last stop it looked like top 7 was a lock but with Pattman Motorsport needing to pit again we were able to pass them and move into 6th.  There was an accident upfront from one of the other teams which in the end put us in 5th position and an excellent result for the team.

I would again like to take the opportunity to thank my teammates Justin Talent, Justin Clayton and Alwin Reid for engineering the setup for the car.  I’m looking forward to the next adventure.


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