iRacing IMSA Sports Cars @Imola

iRacing IMSA @Imola

The latest round of the S1 2020 iRacing IMSA Sports cars comes from Imola.


A good qualy result put me in 4th position about half a second off of the pole.  My second lap was looking quite a bit quicker but I took too much curb on the final chicane which put me wide and caused a 1x penalty.


The race was good with a good start I was able to find the groove quickly and settled into the first stint.  I was able to move into 3rd position quickly after a mistake by the second-place driver.

I was then able to move into second place which I held into the compulsory pitstop.  After the pitstop I didn’t find my pace quickly enough and got held up by the GT3 cars.  After the pitstops played out I was sitting in 3rd a second away from second place.  By the end of the race I finished in 3rd .4 of a second of second place.





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