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iRacing AI

With the latest iRacing release for Season 1 2020, they have soft-launched the AI for the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on selected tracks.

AI Races – Soft Launch

– AI Races are now available through the iRacing BETA Interface!
– – This soft launch of AI Races is designed to give you a taste of what we’ve been working on, and to help us with additional feedback!
– – Click on “Go Racing” and then “AI Races” to start competing against fully customizable racers with artificial intelligence!
– – Learn more about iRacing AI here:

– AI Races includes a variety of functionality and customization for you to enjoy.
– – Jump right in, and run a Single AI Race against a Roster of AI Drivers.
– – Craft your very own AI Season of events, earn championship points, and try to claim the top spot of the podium.
– – Create a Roster of up to 60 AI drivers to compete against; including custom paint jobs, adjustable driver personalities, customizable racing skills, and much more.
– – – Please note that using over 40 AI Drivers may have an impact on frame rates as well as cause some quirky AI Driver behavior.
– – Use randomly generated Rosters to get on track against AI Drivers quickly; you might even see some familiar names out on the track.
– – Use iRacing supplied Official AI Seasons, and coming soon: iRacing supplied Official AI Rosters!
– – Share your custom-built AI Seasons and Rosters with other racers – see who is the master of the bots!
– – – Learn more about creating and editing Custom AI Rosters here:
– – Adjust the challenge and difficulty of the AI Drivers to help you train and improve your racing.
– – – The default Driver Skill range is set to 25% – 50%. This should be a good place to start for an average driver.
– – – We recommend a Driver Skill spread (the difference between maximum and minimum) of about 30% for the best racing experience.

– AI Races are currently available using the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991).

– AI Races are currently available on the following Track Configurations:
– – Barber Motorsports Park – Full Course
– – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – Grand Prix
– – Donington Park Racing Circuit – Grand Prix
– – Lime Rock Park – Classic
– – Nürburgring Grand-Prix-Strecke – Grand Prix
– – Road America – Full Course
– – Watkins Glen International – Cup

– Please keep in mind, this is a soft launch of this feature. We are very excited to get your feedback and look forward to optimizing, updating, and adding much more to AI Races in the future.

How To Setup iRacing AI

  1. The iRacing AI can only be set up using the iRacing BETA Interface.  Just log on normally to and access the BETA interface on the top bar
  2. Click the button on the top left.
  3. Click go racing
  4. Select AI races to access iRacing AI
  5. Go to create an AI Race Wizard and select a single race
  6. Follow the wizard to create your race session

iRacing AI Customisation Video

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