iRacing Logitech G29 Settings Guide

iRacing Logitech G29 Settings

The purpose of the iRacing Logitech G29 settings guide is to help users get the most feedback from this Logitech Wheel and Pedal set.

Logitech G29 Windows Settings

  1. Open Logitech Gaming Software
  2. You will need to select your wheel as the input device by clicking on the blue arrow buttons like in the image below
    iracing logitech g29 settings page
  3. Click on any of the buttons on the wheel,  you should see something similar to the image below.
  4. Make sure you have “iRacing HUD” selected as the profile.  If you don’t have the profile set you may need to go back into iRacing run a couple of laps and then go back into the Logitech Gaming Software.
  5. Don’t worry about setting up any buttons.  Do this in iRacing.
  6. Double-click the wheel center as this will bring up the actual wheel settings. You should see this in the image below.
    iRacing Logitech G29 Settings
  7. It’s best to leave everything on default.  Use the recommended 900 degrees rotation for road racing.  I have also heard that 270 degrees work well for those of you that are into dirt as it gives a quicker response.

Ingame iRacing Logitech G29 Settings

  • Make sure “linear” is checked, this will give the bumps a more accurate feel
  • A good starting point for force strength is around the 5-7 mark depending on preference


David Tucker(iRacing Staff Member)  has an excellent thread for iRacing FFB.

Please feel free to leave any comments or recommendations not listed.

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