iRacing Official F3 @Road Atlanta

iRacing Official F3 Road Atlanta

The latest round of the Official iRacing F3 Series comes from the home of the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta.


Qualifying was intense with the two-lap qualifying having in me in second after the first lap and I was able to clinch pole with my second flying lap.


I lead the race from start to finish and crossing the finish line 5 seconds in front of second.  The start was tricky with cold tires making turn one and three a bit difficult with the car wanting to understeer and oversteer.   The race was fairly straight forward with one close call with a slower car entering the circuit and almost taking me out at the end.  This is the first win that I have had since doing the F3 for this season.  Hopefully, the car will be quick for the Sim Racers Asia race this weekend.


Race Highlights

From The Cockpit


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