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Now that I have your attention, we’ve got some awesome stuff coming out in June as well as some great content updates that Tony eluded to last week. I’m here to give some more specifics (pricing?)

Lucas Oil Off Road Pro Trucks: New Content – Members are getting two trucks for the price of one: $11.95. For those of you wondering, YES, they are completely different trucks with completely different attitudes. 700 horses under your foot on dirt is a giggling good time. Watch for a teaser coming later this week.

Wild West Motorsports Park and Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park: New Content – Both of these tracks will be for sale at $11.95 each.

Silverstone Circuit: This will be a new track at $14.95. However, whoever purchased the existing Silverstone in the last 24 months (as of the build date) will receive a credit of $14.95. The existing Silverstone will be made a free track and granted to everyone.

ALL NEW NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Ford Mustang: This all new car will go for $11.95. However, whoever purchased the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Ford Fusion in the last 24 months (as of the build date) will receive a credit of $11.95. Additionally, the Ford Fusion and Chevrolet SS do not go away and will be available to be raced with last year’s package in hosted sessions.

Also notable, we haven’t charged for Fusion Cup Car update since 2013. Last time we did a major update in 2016, those that owned the Chevy got the update for free as well. Following that trend, the NASCAR Cup Ford Fusion will now be a free car and available to everyone on the service.

NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado: This new truck simply replaces the existing Silverado. The existing truck goes away and whoever owned the old truck will own the new truck.

NASCAR Whelen Tour Car and Modified SK : The cars will simply replace the old tour cars. The old cars will go away. Whoever owned the old cars will own the new cars.

Dallara IR-18- The Advanced Frontal Protection (AFP) device will just miss this week’s iRacing Indy 500 but will be available in the new build.

As usual, the build will have a comprehensive update posted in conjunction with the release but we wanted to go ahead and give some specifics ahead of time.

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