iRacing ILMS @ Indy Road Course Season 2, 2019

iRacing ILMS Indy Road Course

Sorry for the delay on this race report but have been pretty busy with work and getting the PC sorted to do some twitch streaming in the future.

The report is for last weeks race at the Indy Road Course and I was able to compete in a couple of races.


In the firs race, I was able to qualify in the top four but a computer glitch meant I was unable to qualify for the second race so I had to start at the rear.


Race one was rather horrible I got a reasonable start but some how managed to get a stop-go penalty.  I was able to make way back through the field to a point but the damage had already been done.

Race two was a better result but due to lack of qualifying, I wasn’t able to get the result I had been hoping for.

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