iRacing Logitech G27 Settings

Logitech G27 Settings

The Logitech G27 steering wheel is still one of the most popular sim steering wheels products being used with iRacing today. There have been quite a few changes to the iRacing Force Feedback settings over the years since the G27’s launch and if you haven’t had a look at changing the force feedback settings now would be a good time.
Changing iRacing Logitech G27 Settings

Just like the generic iracing force feedback settings guide I have put together which should cover most wheels in the marketplace. You need to first change settings from the Logitech Profiler. By making the following changes:

  • Overall Effects Strength: 100%
  • Spring Effect Strength: 100%
  • Damper Effect Strength: 100%

Spring Effect Strength you leave at its default setting as iRacing does not use any spring effects but other sims could.

You can check the centering spring effect option has it does not have any effect within iRacing but it could be of use in other racing sims.

Change wheel rotation to 900 degrees we will set it up for 1:1 steering ratio when the wheel is calibrated within the iRacing settings.
Setting Up The Logitech G27 Within iRacing

Within the iRacing settings recalibrate your wheel following the instructions, when asked to rotate your wheel 90 degrees to the left, rotate it 90 degrees and don’t pay any attention to the numbers that iRacing is telling you as it has been found that the Logitech G27 Wheels don’t quite have a full 900 degrees wheel rotation it is more in the vicinity of between 860 and 875 degrees. By not paying attention to the numbers in iRacing you will get the proper 1:1 steering ratio. I outlined this in my iRacing Force Feedback settings guide.

  • Dampening settings change to: 10%
  • Min Force Try around 10 – 15%
  • Strength Anywhere around 8 to 20 (12 should be a good starting point) it can also be adjusted from the F9 black box and after a couple laps of driving you should see an auto button which when clicked will automatically adjust the strength to where the game thinks the force feedback needs to be set.

How To Check If You Are Oversaturating (Clipping) The Force Feedback

When running laps you want to check the “F Meter” and make sure you are not seeing the bar turn red when cornering. Red indicates oversaturation (clipping) is occurring and you are not receiving the best Force Feedback. Any other color is fine just not red.

Logitech G27 Brake Calibration Issues

Some users have experienced issues with the brakes locking up when running their first session. This can be rectified by giving the brake a depress before leaving the pits, its an issue with the USB not remembering were the start and end points of the brake is. The other solution is to use a Bodnar cable which has a much higher resolution and will remember the start and endpoints of your brake.

Miscellaneous Logitech G27 Issues

Double Bounce Issue With Sequential Shifters

This fix should rectify the issue with most sequential shifters in the market place.

Close iRacing
Open //documents/iracing
Open app.ini
Look for “debounce” make the following change “debounceSeq_Ms=80 ; Add delay in Milliseconds to the sequential shifter to reduce double shifts”

This will add a delay before the shifter will register another shift which should get rid of any double bounce when shifting.

Slipping Encoder

Wheel slowly drifts left/right, eventually, you have to steer 90 deg to the left to go straight.
David refers to taking the wheel apart and applying some glue/whatever to the encoder wheel so it stops slipping.
The wheel can also be dragging against the optical sensor, or the optical sensor could be loose on the motor or have bits of dirt in the holes in the encoder wheel, all will give you similar results.

Burnt/Gummy Brushes

Blast out the motor with air, do it outside.
After cleaning everything it should start working well. Usually, this shows up as a loss of power.

Broken Gear

Only an expectation that losing even one tooth on a gear would cause the wheel to stop turning altogether.
It’s possible the wheel will catch occasionally, especially if a gear just split and did not actually lose a tooth.

Flaky Power Supply/Too Much Heat

Usually causing the wheel to fade out over time. Try another power supply, borrow one.
Excessive dust/smoke (animals, smokers, etc) your wheel could be clogged causing heat issues. Blow it out with air.

If you have any other iRacing Logitech G27 settings let me know in the comments.

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