iRacing Camera And UI Editing

iRacing Camera Editor Delta Bar

I put together this guide to help users edit the iRacing Camera’s and User Interface (UI) to help take better screenshots or to add more realism to the iRacing replay experience.

iRacing Camera And User Interface (UI) Editing

Editing The iRacing UI

iRacing Delta Bar

The first thing that comes up a lot when editing the iRacing UI is getting rid of the iRacing Delta Bar, this can be achieved by doing the following:
• Go into iRacing options and find the turn Delta Bar on/off option

How To Map Keys For Look Down/Up/Left/Right

• Mapping Keys For Look views can be found in iRacing Options > Settings
• Make sure you map all keys otherwise you may not be able to return back to normal view.

Alternatives To Mapping Keys

• TrackIR – The system uses a clip and sensors which detects your heads movement and relays back to the screen.  Think of this as VR without wearing a headset.
• DelanClip – Alternative to TrackIR
• TrackHat – Another alternative

Advanced iRacing UI Editing

There are a number of iRacing UI elements that can be moved or resized and changed independently from other elements both within the iRacing Replay or Driving Screen

Making Changes To The iRacing Black Box

• To scale the Black Box use Ctrl + PgUp or Ctrl + PgDn.  This can also be set in the iRacing Graphics Options Tab
• F9 Graphics Black Box has the ability to change the Virtual Mirror FOV
Making Changes To Other iRacing UI Elements
• Activate UI Edit Mode us Alt + k
• Any object with a blue background can be dragged and positioned with the mouse
• Some objects can only be moved when you click the very edge of the fuzzy border

iRacing UI Editor

iRacing App.ini Editing

• /Documents/iRacing/app.ini
• Before editing the app.ini file make sure you have exited the sim otherwise your changes won’t take effect
• Make a copy of your app.ini file in case you make errors and you need to revert back to default
• The Default option is to only move visible objects to change this so you can display all objects go to [Graphics] > forceVisibleWhenMove=1
Change Transparency Of The Objects Background
• Values less than 1.0 will increase the transparency
• Values greater than 1.0 will decrease the transparency
• [Graphics] SessionUITransparency=1.0
• [Graphics] DriveUITransparency=1.0
iRacing Tripple Screen Users
• [Graphics] DriveUIFullScreen=1 allow the driving UI to span all 3 monitors
• [Graphics] SessionUIFullScreen=1 allow the replay screen to span to all 3 monitors
To Revert To Default Positions
• Delete the [UIoffsetPos] section in app.ini file

Changing The iRacing Camera

How To Change Your Driving Seat Position

• Esc out of the car
• Select “Cockpit View” in replay mode
• Have your car display on the screen
• Open the camera tool Ctrl + F12
• Adjust the driving camera like any other camera
• Offsets: X (fwd/back), Y (left/right), Z (up/down), P (tilt), at top of ctrl-F12 screen
• To undo changes, load default car camera
• To save your changes “Save car” before you leave the session
• Give the name of the file some meaning in case you make multiple cameras

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  1. Can you make the UI or relative box go invisible when driving.

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