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Choosing the best iRacing forum can greatly help the sim racer get the most out of this online racing platform.  There are many internet forums out there dedicated to racing simulations of all types. Not many apart from the official iRacing Forum have regular updates.  The purpose of this post is to list some of the iRacing forums that I visit often.  Each of these forums has their own pros and cons. Each does offer some variety from iRacing promo codes, latest news.  Reviews of race sim hardware and reviews of specific iRacing apps.

The iRacing Forum List


  • Inside Sim Racing most people would have seen an ISRTV video review or would have browsed the forums before.  The ISRTV forum has regular posts on most popular iRacing Topics. Car setup guides, promo codes, and various sim racing hardware reviews.
  • Steam Community forum the Steam community is a good place for sim racers that have purchased iRacing subscription through steam, the forum is updated regularly and has lots of troubleshooting advice for steam users as well as the usual iracing and sim racing general topics.
  • iRacing Reddit Topic Reddit currently has just 7,000 subscribers to the iRacing topic which provides good information to help people troubleshoot any issues that they may find with iRacing updates.  Anyone who is a Reddit user can subscribe and ask questions and help the community with good answers to anyone’s iRacing question.
  • Race Department isn’t the most active in the iRacing community but does have some good topics to questions that could help sim racers get the most from their racing.  They have all of the other usual topics from sim hardware reviews and software reviews.

I am sure there are many more forums out there which I haven’t needed or come across.  Share with us the iRacing forums that you most often use and what they provide to the sim racer.

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