iRacing Blancpain Sprint GT3 Monza


The last round of the iRacing Blancpain Sprint Series comes from the home of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.


An excellent qualifying session with the Audi finishing up third on the grid fractionally behind the leaders.


Didn’t get the best of starts slipping back into the fifth position for most of the race but was caught in an excellent battle for a chance of the podium for most of the first stint.  I decided to make an early pitstop to undercut the drivers in front as that battling was leading to being held up.  The early pitstop worked and by the time everyone completed their stops I was sitting in a comfortable second position. The only issue was that the quicker pace meant the car was short of fuel to make the finish which required a quick splash n dash which meant I ended up finishing in eighth place.  Overall it was an excellent race for only the pitstop issue.

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