Which Is Better a DIY Home Racing Simulator Or Buy A Sim Racing Cockpit?

DIY Home Racing Simulator

Through browsing many internet forums and trawling through many facebook posts one of the questions that seems to get asked a lot is whether Sim Racing Cockpit A is better than B or am I actually better off building my own Home Simulator Rig.  Many users have their own strong beliefs that one is better than the other or that DIY is the best way to go.  In this post, I’ll go through the pros and cons of each and hopefully it’ll help to make that decision on whether to by a Sim Racing Cockpit or build a DIY Home Racing Simulator.

Pros For The DIY Home Racing Simulator

The DIY Home Simulator Rig has many benefits from being cost-effective against the manufactured Sim Racing Cockpits, these days you can build your home simulator rig from timber, 80/20 extruded aluminum and even PVC piping it all comes down to the individuals imagination and their ability to work with the materials and having the right tools for the job.

There are many internet forums and DIY websites that provide plans to build your own Home Simulator Rig for free or you can purchase plans like the ones for the Ricmotech RS1 which is among one of the popular for many enthusiasts.

Benefits Of Home Simulator Rig

  • Cost Effective
  • Build It The Way You Want It
  • Many Different Materials Can Be Used
  • Unique Look To Other Sim Racing Cockpits
  • Built To Fit You Perfectly
  • Built To House Your Race Sim Gear

What To Watch Out For

  • Only As Good As The Craftsman Building It
  • Need To Make Sure You Have All The Right Tools
  • May Not Be As Solid As A Manufactured Simulator Cockpit

Pros For Buying A Manufactured Sim Racing Cockpit

Buying a sim racing cockpit from one of the many online retailers is a good option for many as they support most of the common race sim components from the popular companies that make them.  Most of the sim racing cockpits come with comfortable race seats, monitor mounts and are fully adjustable to suit most sizes.

Comparison of Race Sim Cockpits


Benefits Of The Sim Racing Cockpit

  • Little Building Required
  • Fits Most Major Brands
  • Configurable


What To Watch Out For

  • Most Sim Racing Cockpits Try And Cater For Everyone But Be Careful If You Are Taller Or Bigger Than Average
  • Avoid Cockpits With Centre Poles As They Get In The Way
  • Cost

Depending on time constraints and budget I feel a DIY approach to the home simulator rig is one of the best options to go for but that all depends on your handyman abilities but there are many plans and how to videos out there that can help.  Having said that I use a manufactured Sim Racing Cockpit from Next Level Racing and to customize this I have added various Ram Mounts to attach screens etc.  But I’ll build a DIY home racing simulator in the not to near future.

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