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If you have been living under a rock the last twelve months you may not know that Slightly Mad Studios have been working on the hotly anticipated successor to Project Cars with the highly original name of Project Cars 2.

Project Cars 2 was announced with a number of different systems to make sim racing more realistic with the announcement of livetrack 3.0 offering a dynamic track that responds to the sun and cars laying down rubber to a new advanced weather system that rains and snows.

Having played the game for a number of days both playing career mode and doing some custom races and private test sessions, I absolutely love the weather system and live track 3.0.  One of these great moments came from running a Bathurst 12hr GT style race (The AI have some work to do, more on that later) but back to the weather the practice session I started off in was a nice clear sunny afternoon then after a couple of laps I noticed that there was a fog or haze starting to roll in and then as I hit the top of the mountain the track was like ice with rain coming down but only on that section of track it took another couple of laps or so for the rain to settle in over the entire track.  This brings me to live track 3.0 which with the rain puddles started to form on the inside edges of corners and rivers of water going across the track which causes the car to aquaplane.  This was just one of many moments that put a big smile on my face.

The AI with this multi class racing was a different story I ran classes from GTE through to GT5 which caused one Ginetta to create a traffic jam on mountain straight due to the AI actively defending it’s line to the point were they would run you off the road.  Hopefully this will be rectified in an upcoming patch as the idea of multiclass is great.  I have also run a Group A race which was great fun but the AI with standing starts is an absolute abortion and even the Slightly Mad guys recommend doing rolling starts until they fix the issue with a patch.  I tried a rolling start with the Group A cars and the iRacing Rookie style pile ups at the first corner were gone.

I have made a start on the career mode and so far after only running the Ginetta everything seems to be running quite well,  I have noticed that the AI pace can vary from track to track which is annoying or potentially I am faster on certain tracks then others.  I would advise not to skip qualifying as for some reason the AI cars post laps a number of seconds faster that you and you end up qualifying last and a number of seconds off the pace.  Hopefully SMS can patch this or add an accelerated time feature.

Overall I am really enjoying the game as it is especially running some of the older classes or racing which can’t be done in iRacing especially the Group A cars living my childhood dream of throwing Godzilla around Bathurst as being an absolute blast.  if Slightly Mad can solve the issues of the AI with the standing starts and their telepathic weather predicting skills they will be onto a winner.

Project Cars 2 Track list - Pcars 2 is the sequel to Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars.  The games is expected to be released on the 22 September 2017 at this stage.

Project cars 2 car list - Project cars 2 is the sequel to project cars from Slightly Mad Studios which will be released late September.

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