Benjamin Brook

Benjamin Brook

Benjamin Brook

Owner of Brook Racing - being an avid sim racer for over 30 years.  Enjoy most motorsports but I'm a big fan of F1, Australian Supercars, GT Racing and NASCAR

Monday, 12 November 2018 03:01

iRacing Team Driving Guide

I have put together this guide to help people that are new to iRacing Team Racing get to grips with the various features of how the team racing works within iRacing.

Wednesday, 07 November 2018 23:41

iRacing Camera And User Interface (UI) Editing

I put together this guide to help users edit the iRacing Camera's and User Interface (UI) to help take better screenshots or to add more realism to the iRacing replay experience.

Friday, 02 November 2018 09:04

iRacing FOV Calculators

iRacing FOV Calc Sample

Calculating the correct FOV in iRacing is not only important for immersion but also important for setting up your single monitor or multi-monitor setup to correctly display the track your racing on correctly. On a multi-monitor setup the FOV should represent a true 1:1 image of what you are seeing. This will help a lot with car placement especially on tracks where it can be hard to pick up apexes (COTA I am looking at you)

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 10:09

iRacing Logitech G27 Settings

The Logitech G27 steering wheel is still one of the most popular sim steering wheels products being used with iRacing today. There have been quite a few changes to the iRacing Force Feedback settings over the years since the G27's launch and if you haven't had a look at changing the force feedback settings now would be a good time.

With the plethora of racing sim titles out in the market today force feedback or ffb seems to be one of the most contentious issues with various sims having different kinds of luck of replicating the feel of racing on the road.

iRacing’s force feedback settings is no different with some racers experiencing good levels of feedback while others are struggling with inferior levels of feedback.  With this guide, I am going to pull the knowledge from the iracing forums where force feedback and sim steering wheels, in particular, are being discussed and present it in a way in which you the racer can happily go into the iRacing sim and set up your force feedback and have an improved experience.

Users of Sony PS4 systems have been neglected for some time when it comes to support for Fanatec Wheelbases until now.  With the newly released Fanatec CSL Elite+ Wheelbase comparability with Sony PS4 Consoles can be achieved which will give users much more choice when it comes to choosing their sim racing peripherals with Logitech and Thrustmaster being their only choice when it comes to sim racing products.

Fanatec Podium DD1 And DD2 Bringing Direct Drive To The Masses

Fanatec after what feels like forever has released their Fanatec Podium DD1 and DD2 Direct Drive wheel bases for pre-order on their website.   Fanatec have two Direct Drive wheelbases with different specs and under the names of the Podium DD1 and Podium DD2 there are a few differences which I will show you below as well as the near 1,000 dollar price difference.

Saturday, 19 May 2018 00:50

Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Review

Today I will be doing a review of the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer - I have recently purchased the wheel after reading some reviews and watching a couple of videos on youtube.

I'll start by saying that I only game on Windows PC's and this wheel is PC only but I beleive that the Thrustmaster Sparco wheel is compatible with consoles and is the same wheel base ast the TS-PC Racer.

I have owned many sim steering wheels over the time from Logitech, Fanatec and Thurstmaster.  The TS-PC Racer was purchased to replace my old Fanatec CSR Forza wheel which was starting to show it's age after lots of use over the four or more years that I had it.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:40

APEC GTE Series Round 2, Nurburgring

Round 2 of the 2017 APEC GTE series came from the Nurburgring on the BSS/WEC layout with it's mixture of fast and slow corners.


The 60 minute qualifying was a good test of car performance and setup.  The qualy session was pretty good with qualifying 31st out of 52 runners which put us on pole in the second split.


Starting from pole the race started well with getting a 2 second lead after the first lap with a good run on cold tires.  The lead was sitting at 2 seconds coming into the compulsory pitstop and stretching the lead beyond 4 seconds after everyone had taken service.  I had spin in the first corner which cost quite a bit time and I slipped back into 3rd place.  This is were I ended the race.

Latest round from the Sim Racers Asia Proto GT came from Barber Motorsports Park an excellent and unforgiving race circuit with the mix of Radicals and GT3's plus reverse grid for the Top Ten qualifyers should make for an interesting race especially at the start.

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