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Ricmotech APX 2000 Race Sim Cockpit Ricmotech APX 2000 Race Sim Cockpit Ricmotech

Ricmotech APX 2000 Race Sim Cockpit

By / Racing Sim Equipment Reviews / Sunday, 12 February 2017 00:00

The Ricmotech APX 2000 single monitor sim rig is a new cockpit design from Ricmotech.  Unlike their previous rigs which were plans that you could make yourself from MDF these new cockpits are modular using extruded aluminium.  Like all Ricmotech products this new cockpit comes with lots of adjustability from seating position, monitor tilt and steering wheel position.  All of these adjustments lead to the sim racer having the best and most realistic driving position just like a real GT race driver would.

What Makes The Ricmotech APX 2000 Race Sim Cockpit Standout


Great Ergonomics

After lots of research of race and road performance cars, Ricmotech found that most other sim cockpits miss the proper driving position. The Ricmotech APX2000 is designed with racing in mind and is therefore created to mimic the proper driving position. Race cars place the seat low to keep the center of gravity as low as possible while placing the pedals directly in front of the hips for maximum control. So don’t drive in the “truck driver” position when you are really looking for racing simulation.

Many Adjustments

While ergonomics brings every part of the controls within the proper range, it all has to be fine-tuned to fit each driver’s particular body dimensions. The Apex was created to have all the controls adjustable to within the capabilities adjustable in real race cars. Much the same way that a race car if fitted to the driver, this chassis can also be fitted to the driver.


The Ricmotech APX 2000 is another good looking and highly adjustable design from Ricmotech.  The cockpit is compatible with all popular sim pedals and wheels on the market.


Benjamin Brook

Benjamin Brook

Owner of Brook Racing - being an avid sim racer for over 30 years.  Enjoy most motorsports but I'm a big fan of F1, Australian Supercars, GT Racing and NASCAR

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