Virtual Racing School Review - How to Practice More Efficiently

18 August 2017
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Virtual Racing School Review VRS

At face value, Virtual Racing School (VRS) is just another telemetry logging and comparison software like iAnalyze or iSpeed, but it is much more than that.  VRS is your one stop shop for setups (some of the top drivers in iRacing supply setups for each track in a season) but more than that you gain access to lap analysis and their optimal and best lap files so that you can try and follow their ghost car when testing.

 Features Of VRS

 Without a doubt the best feature of the VRS Software is the ability to sign up for data packs.  Depending on your membership level (more on this later) you will have access to data packs from some of the top iRacing drivers in most of the popular competitions on iRacing.

 Each of these data packs contains the following:

  • Setup file
  • .blap and .olap file which can be used to create a ghost car for private test sessions in iRacing
  • A sector by sector lap analysis which allows you to watch the drivers line, gear, speed, brake and throttle applications
  • Telemetry to compare your laps against the drivers laps and a breakdown of which sectors you can improve the most time in.


Data Logger and Comparison

The VRS Software saves and tracks your data on a track by track and session by session basis.  This give you the opportunity to see how your improving your lap times over time.  Just make sure when you are practicing you are practicing in the same conditions as the driver you are comparing your lap to.  As differences in track temp and have a big effect on lap times.

Stats, Stats And More Stats


With the Virtual Racing School Software, it will track all of your race history and will show you different trends overtime.  This will allow you to see which specific skill you can improve on.


Get Help from The Virtual Race Engineer and Virtual Coach

The virtual race engineer included within the Virtual Racing School software analyses your telemetry data and provides good feedback to show areas in which you can improve your lap times.

The virtual coach will analyses your historical data and come up with an individual training program that can help you maximize your potential and create a more effective training regime.


When Virtual Does Not Cut It - Try A Real-Life Coach


With the real coach option you can browse through a number of drivers and choose the coach that suits you and request 1 on 1 session in which the coach can give you pointers and maximize your potential.


Run A Team No Worries


VRS allows team drivers to share their telemetry and setups to be able to help out their teammates and to make your team more competitive in competition.


My Thoughts 

I have been using the Virtual Racing School solidly the last couple of iRacing Seasons as I don’t always have the time to do car setups each week.  I find the data sets with the car setups and hotlap videos are one of the best features of the software. Especially now they have data packs for just about every race class in iRacing.

I did have some issues at various stages with the telemetry logger causing freezing at the end of each sector when testing and racing.  I think this is mainly due to the lack of performance from my storage drive.  After I created a RAM Disk the issue disappeared.

I have not tried the one on one coaching as my internet connection won’t be up to the task of streaming.  From all reports, other racers that have used the coaching think it is great.

 I feel the software is a great addition for racers that don’t have time or want to worry about iRacing setups and just want a good setup to get them started.  The lap videos are a great addition to show the ideal line and gear for each corner. 

I highly recommend this software. To view their pricing structure visit the VRS Website.

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