Pro Mazda Road America Season 3 Week 1

20 June 2017
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The first week of the new season for 2017 comes from Road America.  Road America is a fast flowing circuit especially for the Formula Mazda cars as they can be 100% throttle through a number of the fast sections on the race circuit.


The qualifying for the Pro Mazda series consists of two laps with the fastest lap being counted for qualifying.  The qualifying session went well with a good mid field placed finish. 


The race went didn't get off to the best of starts with having a spin at the tight left hander at the end of the long straight section.  Then I had another couple of spins throughout the race before getting into a rhythm and passing a number of cars.  In the end I ended up finishing in 6th position.

  • Race Report - Pro Mazda Zandvoort Week 3 Season 3 2017

    Race Report - Pro Mazda Zandvoort Week 3 Season 3 2017

    Small field of cars for the iRacing Pro Mazda at Zandvoort.


    Qualifying was pretty good with a good lap time and position.


    The race was a bit of a disaster with a spin early on being enough to put me in a bad position which I could not recover from.


    Position Name Qual Out Interval Fastest Lap Time Pts
    1 Scott McIntyre 1 Running -0 1:29.296 92
    2 Steven Carkner 3 Running -16.492 1:30.295 82
    3 Don Bowden 4 Running -1:05.371 1:30.742 73
    4 Brandon Dalton 6 Running -1:06.209 1:32.308 64
    5 Marco Oliveira2 8 Running -1:06.948 1:31.112 55
    6 Benjamin Brook 7 Running -1:28.231 1:31.793 46
    7 Serg Surovikin 11 Running -2 L 1:32.756 36
    8 Ricco Shlaimoun 2 Running -6 L 1:30.506 27
    9 Paolo Bonasera 5 Running -9 L 1:32.820 18
    10 John C Johnson 10 Disconnected -13 L 1:33.309 9
    11 Charlie Goulding 9 Disconnected -20 L   0


  • Race Report - Season 3, 2017 Week 2 Lime Rock

    Race Report - Season 3, 2017 Week 2 Lime Rock

    Race Report - Lime Rock

    Season 3 of the iRacing Pro Mazda Series came from Lime Rock a short fast and tricky blast with lots of bumps, elevation changes and the crest at the back of the circuit were if you don't have the car pointed straight you risk having a big hit to the wall.

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